Sani Kila: The Man Whom The Cap Fits 



Being in the media world for close to two decades now has afforded me the rare privilege of objective assessment of policies, governance, and individuals, and today, I’ll have to recognize an incredibly innovative leader.

Sani Kila is one of the most competently thoughtful individuals I have ever known, a true friend of the media. I say this because I have worked closely with him for a decade now.

He dovetails humility with discipline and character with magnanimity. He is always there for his subordinates and can go to any length to protect them, something very rare in our crop of leaders today. 

His generosity is unmatched, and an inspiration to the upcoming generation of leaders. I once asked him the secret of his success, he smiled and said; obedience and being dutiful to parents.

Sani Kila is someone that gives with his right hand without the knowledge of his left hand. Of all his good traits, of equal or greater importance, is his dependability and profound loyalty to people. 

To my knowledge, you can count on the fingers of one hand people as dependably trustworthy to their principals as S. Kila. He always puts the interest of people around him above his, and has never been an accomplice to betrayal. These among other things have made L.S. Kila a shining light before his principal.

Sir, I join numerous others to celebrate you as we have been doing everyday of our lives, we assiduously pray that the Almighty fittingly places the cap on your head.

Ibrahim Ibrahim, a journalist, writes from Kaduna


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