Reps Investigate Importation Of Military Uniforms, Equipment By Kogi Govt


The House of Representatives on Thursday ordered its joint Committee on Customs Service, and National Intelligence and Public Safety, to investigate the alleged importation of military uniforms and equipment by the government of Kogi State.
The committee is also to find out from the Customs authority why it not arrest the importer, but ratger asked that they go and procure end-user certificate from the office of the National Security Adviser, even when aware that the importer was not constitutionally empowered to procure arms, and will not under the right circumstances be able to get the certificate.
A member of the House, Hon. Sunday Karimi Sunday in a motion on the urgent need to check the importation of firearms and military equipment into the country by politicians and private citizens, said recently, “there were strong indications that the government of Kogi State imported 100 pieces of military camouflage, 26 pieces of military camouflage jungle boots and 20 pieces of plastic knives.”.
Other items he said were allegedly imported by the government include 24 pieces of black bullet proof vests, 28 black boxing gloves, 26 pieces of Arctic hunter bags, 40 pieces of training mats, 20 pieces of black batons, 100 pieces black T-shirts, 31 pieces of protective glasses, 25 pieces of black sunglasses and 29 pieces of black uniform belts, etc.
He said it was of great concern the government, which is owing workers salary of several months, and yet “spending the meager resources on importation of military hardware, an exercise no private citizen or state government is constitutionally empowered to do.
In her Contribution, Hon. Nnenna Elendu-Ukeje wondered what may be the rationale behind the action, adding that there have been continuous rise in the proliferation of illegal firearms in the country, motive for which must be investigated.


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