Religious Preaching Bill: Kaduna Bishop knocks El-rufai


Bishop of the Diocese of Kaduna, Right Reverend Timothy Yahaya has knocked Kaduna State Governor Nasir Ahmad El-rufai for planning to regulate religious preaching and activities in the state.
He said the proposed bill breached the fundamental human rights of people to freely practice their religion without hindrance from authorities, state or federal.
According to him, the bill was contrary and inconsistent with Nigerian constitution which states the country as a secular one.
“This bill also seeks to recognize only CAN and JNI as Christian and Muslims religious bodies only, which to me denies other religious bodies and association rights and privileges which the constitution provides.
“What about religious bodies that have certificate of incorporation, what would be their fate? Will their certificates be revoked? The type of courts mentioned in the bill creates suspicion.
“The foundation of this bill could be likened to the military era when the military dictators used decree to force their will on the masses,” he lamented.
The clergy however commended the state government on school feeding programme saying if sustained the programme would attract guardians and parents to send their wards and children to school.
He further urged the state government to provide learning and instructional facilities and ensure clean and conducive environment for learning in primary and post primary schools.


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