Recession, Insurgency: Nigeria needs Immediate International Support


It has been disclosed that for Nigeria to get out of recession, and successfully neutralize the spread of terrorism ideology among youth and vulnerable persons, she needs United States (US) led international community support.
Gov. Muhammadu Jibrilla Bindow of Adamawa State made this disclosure weekend when he arrived the state after his trip with some NorthernGovernors to United States (US) where they had meeting with US officials on issues of security and humanitarian assistance.
According to him, Nigeria needs urgent international  support if it must succeed in checking the spread of terror ideology among youth.
“To neutralize the attraction of terror ideology among our youth and other vulnerable persons, the International Community led by United States of America must support Nigeria fight corruption, repatriate stolen funds and get out of economic recession as quickly as possible”, Bindow stated.
“We cannot succeed if we are unable to meet our basic responsibilities to our people, the current economic recession if not overcome within the shortest possible time may reverse some of our gains in mass mobilization and engineering a productive society,” he stated further.
While lauding US, United Nations and other countries as well as
humanitarian agencies that are supporting humanitarian activities in areas affected by the Boko Haram insurgency, Bindow said that apart from helping in securing and rebuilding the sub region, another bigger challenge is improving the institutional capacity of governance at the state and local government levels for them to be effective.
“Our studies have found that weakness in institutions of governance had partly aided the spread of insurgency ideology among our people, governments in the North East need to be strengthened to be able to provide the desired leadership that will mobilize and galvanize our citizens to be productive and protective of their interest. For must people the only government they know is the municipal government, hence the need to strengthen its institutional capacity.” The governor disclosed.
He maintained that the state and local governments’ needs enhancement in areas of agriculture which is the mainstay of their economy as well as provision of social services such as education and healthcare delivery.
“We also need to be able to improve our media and information dissemination structures to enable us avail our people narrative that promises hope and banishes despair.
“We need increased visibility of our state and local governments within our communities. That should be the new focus, if indeed we desire to create sustainable peace in the North-East region,” Bindow said.
The governor stressed that a system strained by excessive poverty, high rate of unemployment, social inequalities and limited access to education could not guarantee peace and peaceful coexistence, adding that those challenges are core of insurgency that was fueled by the globalization of terror.
While in USA governor Bindow and other northern governors that undertook the trip attended three separate meetings with US Secretary of States, Mr John Kerry, President Barrack Obama’s National Security Advisor, Ambassador Suzan Rice and the Administrator of United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Mr Gayle Smith.
The three meetings focused on deepening collaboration on conflicts elimination, prevention, humanitarian aide and partnerships on the solving development factors responsible ‎for recurring ethno-religious violence in northern Nigeria
Northern Governors that made the trip to US included that of Adamawa, Borno, Taraba, Plateau, Zamfara, Kwara, Bauchi, Sokoto and Niger.


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