Rape cases: Enforce proper sanctions on culprits – Prof Oyeyemi


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan.
The Dean Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, at the University of Ibadan, Professor Matthew Oyeyemi has advocated serious sanctions for cases of attempted or confirmed rape in Nigeria.
Professor Oyeyemi who made the call in Ibadan while delivering his inaugural lecture, declared that this was the only way to stop the increasing wave of rape cases in the country.
According to the Dean, there is the urgent need for government at all levels, the judiciary and security agencies in the country to henceforth treat cases of rapes with all the seriousness they deserved.
“Animals do not put on pants nor bra and yet they do not rape; they only mate during heat (Oestrus). Can I say that any man involved in rape behaves lower than animal? You can judge. But if this is true, attempted or confirmed cases of rape in our societies should be treated with all seriousness it deserves” he said.
Professor Oyeyemi noted that the time has come for the stakeholders including government, religious leaders, parents and guardians as well as the security agencies to wake up to their responsibilities in administering the appropriate punishment and sanctions on rapers and their accomplices.
The Professor of Theriogenology in his paper titled “Spermatozoa: Staff of Offence and Defense” while lamenting that animals that do not put on pants or bra but still maintain decorum in their sexual behavior as they only mate during heat (Oestrus), asked the relevant authorities to immediately apply high level of professionalism and sincerity in handling the almost daily occurrence of rape cases in Nigeria.
On the management of livestock, he added that “for effective and efficient management of livestock production, all stakeholders must be involved as nobody has monopoly of knowledge in livestock production”.
While making case for proper disposal of research animals after use, Professor Oyeyemi said “proper disposal of research animals after use is very important to human health, the environment and the other animals. Therefore incinerators should be provided for animal houses on campus as well as relevant faculties where animals are used for research”.
Advocating creation of Ministry of Animal health and production out of the present Ministry of agriculture, the Dean noted that “there is a need to set up a separate Ministry of Animal health and Production at federal and state levels to enable the animal health sector, which is currently sandwiched in the ministry of agriculture, occupy its rightful position and cater for livestock development in the country”.


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