Ramadan: Gender NGO free 20 Prisoners, feed over half a million


The founder Initiative for Muslim Women of Nigeria (Imwan) has facilitated the release of twenty inmates including Christians, donated food and beverages items to over 500 inmates in Kaduna in the spirit of Ramadan.
Speaking at the occation Hajiya Rabiah Safiyan Ahmed, the chairperson of the organization said “Ramadan season is a special season of gift, assistance and Alms giving for Allahs blessing and that is why we are using the chances of donating foods items to the inmates in other to help those released, so that they can also perform their prayers at home like every other muslim on earth with friends, relatives and families.”
Some of the other items donated to the prison inmates includes  dozens of soap, tooth brushes, plastic kettles, buckets, cream among others.
Speaking further, Hajiya Rabiah said “freedom is very vital to all human being in this planet, that is why we selected some prisoners with minor cases and offences to pay their dues and clear all the charges that makes them spend series of  years in the prison, so as to free them in other to immensely participate  in  receiving the blessing of the holy month of  Ramadan through daily prayers and fasting.
“We want them to pray for the  unity of the nation, and pray for the  sound health of Nigerian President, and we want them to pray to Almighty God to bring an End to insecurity, socio-political and economic challenges disturbing the unity of the nation”.
Considering Prison congestion, Hajiya Rabiah  decried the poor condition of the prison asserting that there is need for the government to quickly  come up with innovative means across the 36 states of Nigeria for prison decongestion.
The population of the youth in Prison is on the high side compared to the elderly with various crime and offences which such as  arm robbery, catltle rusltling, rape, pick-pocket, murder, 419, kidnapping , car snatching, fraud & Forgery.
Others as observed include but not limited to homicide, manslaughter, sexual assault, aggravated burglary, indecent assault, drug trafficking offences, child abuse.
Meanwhile the female inmates also got additional items such as pants, breaziers, pads, among other materials for hygiene.
Some of the freed inmate expressed satisfaction and called on Government and philanthropist with organisations to introduce skill acquisition program in the prison and also appealed for the  introduction of new games for sport activities in the prisons.


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