Public Schools Gradually Turning To Social Vices Centres – Cleric


In a bid to reduce drugs abuse as well as other social vices among youths in the state to the barrest minimum, the Nigas Rehabilitation and skills acquisition Centre, has taken awareness campaign of the danger drugs abuse to public schools in Kaduna.
According to the centre, social vices among youths, which include armed rubberry, 419, lawlessness, lack of respect for elders, rape among others are to be blamed on the menace of drug abuse.
He added that the various consequences of drugs abuse or addiction are so devastating as well as shameful to the family and
the societies of those who involve in such act.  He however called on the youths involve in drugs abuse to do away with it and develop their lives, communities without drugs.
Speaking during the awareness campaign held in Rimi College, Kaduna, the Secretary of Nigas Rehabilitation Centre, alumnus Ibrahim Ladan said they visit public Schools to create
awareness against drugs abuse and others social vices especially among youths.
“We choose secondary because we discover that the number of children that go to school in the urban area are more then the number that do not go to school, whereby in the public school you will find a 40 capacity class room is containing over 140 students. How do you think the teacher will cope? The teachers cannot control the students, so the public schools now are more like a recruit centres for hug slums, for drugs, rape, lesbialism among others instead of the place their characters are being model to be good citizens and good ambassador of their country. The reverse is the case in the schools today which brought about the awareness campaign.”
The Secretary who said he was also once a drug addict but was
rehabilitated at the Nigas Centre said he joined the bad peer group of friends when he was in secondary school, though he managed to finish his secondary school and got
diploma in Law, he could not achieve his dream of becoming a lawyer as a result of the drug abuse.
According to him, the campaign is been sponsored by an individual who is the owner of the centre. He stressed that the government ministries saddle with the responsibility are not doing their work, as there should be social centers,  as well as guarding counseling centers in public schools, but the government does not provide such in schools which made them create the
effort at their level for awareness among youths especially the
In his remark, the Director transparency, Integrity Foundation from Ministry of Education, Alhaji Umar Musa noted that Nigerians do not support programmes like creating awareness of dangers of drug abuse, hence the increase of the menace.
He however stressed the need for agood attention to be given in the area of fighting drug abuse in order to save the youths.
Responding the Vice Principal Academic of Rimi College, Alhaji Nura Hassan Yero expressed his appreciation to Nigas Centre for their effort in creating awareness about the danger of drugs abuse among youths in the state, especially in public schools.
Schools visited for the awareness campaign includes Rimi College, Kaduna North Local government area and Government Secondary School, Rigasa, Igabi Local Government area, Kaduna State.


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