Produce anti-government Lecturer: Police orders VC


Produce anti-government Lecturer: Police orders VC
By; Alex Uangbaoje, Kaduna
Kaduna State Police Commissioner, Umar Shehu has ordered the Vice Chancellor of Kaduna State University (KASU), Professor Barnabas Williams Quirix to produce a vocal anti-government lecturer, Dr. John Danfulani over inciting comment he allegedly made on the social media; facebook.
Meanwhile, the University said it has suspended the Political Science Lecturer  on the 8th of January, 2016, after it had issued him a query earlier.
But a group, Nerzit Patriotic Front, has kicked against the suspension of the lecturer, asking KASU to rescind its decision, least it would go to court and that KASU would be seen acting to please the state government in “persecuting Dr. John Danfulani because he holds a different political ideology, ethnic and religious learning with the government of the day”.
A letter dated 21st January, 2015 with reference CR: 3000/KDS/X/D6/Vol.82/150 signed by CP Umar Shehu addressed to the VC of KASU, made available to newsmen in Kaduna reads: “This Department is investigating the above mentioned case involving one of your lecturers, Dr. John Danfulani.
“You are kindly requested to release him to interview the undersigned through O/C General Surveillance State SCIID Kaduna on 25/01/2006 at about 1000hrs to enable complete our investigation.
“Accept the assurance of the Command’s continuous regard, please”.
Perhaps unknown to the CP, Danfunali had been suspended by KASU.
The Register of KASU, Mrs Talatu A. Kuri, had on the 8th of January, written Danfulani to inform him of his suspension from the school.
The letter reads in part; “We refer to our letter of query dated 5th January, 2016 requesting you to explain within 48 hours why disciplinary action will not be taken against you for gross misconduct and confirm that you failed to respond. In line with S15 (1) 4 of KASU Staff Conditions of Service, the Vice Chancellor has suspended you from duty forthwith and will report the matter to Council.
“You will be placed on half salary as per S15 (1)7 of KASU staff conditions of Service, until the Council considers and decides on your case please”.
It could be recalled that Danfulani had last November addressed a Press Conference in Kaduna condemning the government of El Rufai as “anti-people”. He has also spoken against what he termed as the “genocide” against Nigerian Shi’ite last year.
The suspension of the lecturer has prompted another vocal Kaduna group, the Netzit Patriotic Front to kick against the action.
The Chairman of the group, Mr. George Makeri addressed a Press Conference in Kaduna and said “KASU should resist the temptation of involving itself into matters outside its jurisdiction”.
“Ideological leanings, political preferences, religious beliefs and personal life of its workers should not be their concern. What they should focus on is productivity of employees; the value they are adding to the system vis –a-vis the aim of the institution.
“On the strength of our observations, we hereby beseech KASU to immediately withdraw its suspension and bury its intentions to victimise Dr. John Danfulani further because of his Faith and ethnic background.
“If this suspension stands, we shall go ahead and take all legal measure and pressure to see that this ethnic-centered agenda don’t stand. KASU is for all, not for any particular ethnic or religious group. We will indefatigably resist injustice of any form against the doctor”, part of the statement reads.


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