Practice Politics Without Invectives, Aspersion, Babangida Aliyu Tells APC

A former Governor of Niger State, Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu has condemned what he described as the invasion of the Nigerian political landscape by uncouth, unruly and intolerant political players in the mould of the governing All Progressives Congress (APC), in the current political dispensation.
He accused the APC of introducing  ugly politics of name dropping, imtemperance and raining curses on perceived political opponents.
He argued that in partisan politics, even in the harshest murky waters of politics, the political turf is not for those who are intolerant of others or for those with ultra vice views and perceptions of their opponents. He insisted that ‘politics is about being responsive and accountable to the citizens irrespective of their political linings and not about raining curses on people’.
Babangida Aliyu expressed worry and sadness at the weekend over the turn of events in the country where he wondered that the over two years of the current political dispensation under the governing All Progressive Congress, (APC), the administration has only brought more pains and penury than gains to citizens and hoisted enmity amongst citizens.
He therefore admonished the APC camp to trade softly, play politics with good principles as politics is not a do and die affair.
The former Governor made the declaration during the Niger-East Senatorial district, (zone B) Mega Meeting of the members of the party held on Saturday at the Paiko Primary School in Paikoro Local Governmet Area of the state.
Apparently reacting to the policies and programmes of the present administration in the state, the former governor noted that the governor Abubarkar Sani Bello led administration has dwelled so much on lampooning it’s predecessor even though it has very little or nothing of it’s own to show for it’s nearly three years in office.
Former governor Aliyu lamented that while the government in the state feels comfortable dwelling on the past, apportioning blames, casting aspersions on the personality of those it succeeded rather than concentrating on the arduous task ahead of it, the citizens are crying loud and yearning for a true change as promised by the present administration in the country.
”Instead of devoting time to work for the people who voted them into office, this government has been seeking escape valves to hide it’s inadequacies, ineptitude and bad leadership. Those who voted them into office now don’t speak well of the administration” he said.
He tutored those in government today to play the game by the rules. “Politics is not about raining curses on perceived political enemies and making unsubstantiated, wild allegations. Politics is about being accountable, listening to the needs of the electorate who voted you into power and providing for their needs to meet their expectations.
Babangida Aliyu added that “what we are witnessing in today’s government is akin to the proverbial Kettle that has been busy caling the pot black whereas it is itself not any way fairer or better in looks”.
He challenged the APC led  administration to showcase to Nigerians what it has achieved in office in the past two and half years and convince Nigerians that it is better than the party it took over from.
The former governor who took the centre stage at the occasion and spoke briskly with no holds barred told those in government to “work the talk”.
He said government is not all about screaming at the roof tops or making a showmanship. It is about doing the needful and following due process”.
Different speakers at the rally took turn to carpet the administrative style of the governing All Progressive Congress as a weak and no results oriented. They all condemned the poor performance of the present administration, it’s inability to pull the country out of economic woes, growing unemployment, depression amongst citizens and general underdevelopment.
Speaker after speakers argued that the over two years of APC led administration has brought more pains than gains to Nigerians than any other previous government in Nigerian history. They woed citizens to vote out the APC led administration in the next general elections come 2019.
The PDP zonal Chairman for North-Central, Theophilus Dakas Shan and the Niger state party Chairman, Barrister Tanko Beji separately urged Nigerians to rise up and use their voter’s cards to chase out the APC government in Nigeria.
Dakas Shan pleaded with all eligible Nigerians to go and get their Permanent Voters’ Card (PVC) and armed themselves with it as the only weapon needed in voting out the APC to save Nigerians from further, maladministration, hardship, misdirection and uncertainty.


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