Polyandry by mistresses


Continually Europe and USA are surprised when some big names are revealed as mistresses of some powerful figures or if the wives of some kings and politicians are finally revealed as escorts. Some women answer the natural call of polyandry just as some men fall for the gravitational force of polygamy. Those around them always know, it is the denials of the players when exposed to the rest of us that should baffle us.
Women of courage, timber and caliber remain icons no matter what. It is easier for men to overcome indiscretion than it is for women, that is why General Patraeous like President Clinton, Zuma and DSK would move on but doubts would remain with women like Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, Winnie Mandela and the Swazi Queen.
By the way, it would be blasphemous to say Jesus was the son of Joseph, we glorify the Queen of Sheba flings with powerful men in history, enjoyed Lady Chatterley’s Lover novel where the eunuch husband accepted the child of his wife and one Nigerian gave birth to miracle twins in England: one white the other black.
However, there are some wives that moonlight as prostitutes and mistresses in direct competition with single women waiting for their spouses. Mistresses just like men do it because they can: some for fun, some to belong to an aspired class and others for the extra cash to supplement the household income. The recent exposure of a couple of women in high circles as mistresses of USA high military officers show that some women do it to remain in high circles of men of substance.
Whether the husbands of some mistresses are active or passive participants remains debatable. We have heard about women that sleep their way to the top and with the bosses of their husbands for his promotions. In more than a few cases, the husbands may initiate it and the wife would reluctantly agree until she started enjoying it too much for the husband’s to control.
What is clear is no matter how we turn Maria and the Queen of Sheba into saints and accept it as the will of God, on a personal level Joseph was not happy. So we could not have expected normal folks like the Swazi King and the husband of Gen. Patraeous facing public humiliation to play dead. There is this proverb that in the eyes of the mistresses, their neighbors were blind – Loju dokoko, gbogbo aradugbo lo foju, haba!
It is the deprived single women and spouses that should be offended. Players may have more pleasure to offer single men and others’ husbands than single women. The first is their insatiable need for sex and in the process gain some indulgence. They have the capacity to serve two or more men at the same time. While they might be disrespectful to their husbands by throwing bones, it’s a caring meaty relationship with other men.
The boyfriend gets all he wants with little consequences. If the mistress got pregnant, the husband got the responsibility. The irony is that the boyfriend may be blaming his girlfriend or young wife at home for not getting pregnant while he is a sperm donor. He may condemn the food cooked by his girlfriend or wife for the limited or no amount he gave her, while enjoying the sumptuous dinner the mistress husband paid for.
Indeed, a player did boast to his friends that he had to be served the best of everything first, before the husband of his mistress smell or taste anything. So the real husband gets left-overs. In most cases these wives are very domineering at home but always submissive to the other man, single or married. They may also be the main bread winner or exploit some weaknesses; otherwise only the dare devils would gamble everything.
A case in point was a divorce where the custody of the children turned bitter. Each wanted the sole custody of the children. Little did the husband realize that his estranged wife had a joker. Unaware of her as a mistress, they always enjoyed the circle of the rich and famous. Everyone around them knew but him, until the judge awarded him custody of the children. She came back with DNA evidence that the kids were not his.
Whenever we think of prostitutes and mistresses, it is always the poor, unskilled and uneducated that get the blame. We also pursue them rigorously with all the power within our might such as law enforcement, community scorn and ostracize them and their families. Even worse are their hypocritical patrons calling for maximum penalty for these poor offenders that must be brought to justice. Their pimps also exploit them.
The story of a boy that touched some nerves were how their mother used money made from the filthy trade to take care of them after the father left. They went to school far from home and made sure they never developed any deep relationship with friends and teachers so that nobody would follow them home. Secondary school was easier because they went out of state. They were lucky, their mother never died of sexual diseases.
While they wondered how else they could have survived without their mother, they would never encourage anyone to go into prostitution. They were happy that they got the break to make it in life to the point where they could take care of their mother. They had watched others consumed by the life of drugs abuse and crime that took advantage of people in such a low life. They came out unscathed before HIV days.
One mistake should not break relationships. Men and women forgive one another and move on. But if you married nurses for their money, polyandry called sexual liberation it encourages. Opportunistic relationships disintegrate easily than those built on solid foundations. The public would be the first to say if it were them, they would not go back. It all depends on what the relationship was built on in the first place.


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