Politicians Responsible For Increase In  Banditry – Rev Hayab 


By  AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna 

The Kaduna State Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. John Joseph Hayab, has opined that banditry is having a field day in parts of the country for lack of unity through the activities of some politicians.

Speaking in Kaduna on Friday during “One Day Roundtable on Religion and Politics in Kaduna State”, he stated that people have been divided along different opinions, saying that it becomes easier for the enemy to successfully carry out his or her evil agenda and go scott free leaving the victims without any assistance coming his or her in order to come back to life.

According to him, the division in the society followed the activities of some politicians who are bend in inculcating bigotry in the minds of the peace loving people thereby making people hate one another for no just cause.

He said, “I vividly recall that things were not like this before. There is the need  to recover our Kaduna State where everyone cares for the other, irrespective of any differences but love, unity, oneness and peaceful co-existence were the ingredients that bind the people together for years without much problems.”

The CAN state chairman enjoined  the citizens to preach peace, love, warning, “We should stop treating one another as if we are not human beings. We should love humanity, we should preach the message of love among our children because what bind us together is bigger than what divide us.”

Hayab observed that politicians use things that would further cause division among the people in order to achieve their selfish interests, not minding the consequences of  actions.

He noted that if the citizens have things they share in common, they should not allow some selfish politicians to deceive them by creating division, hatred, suspicion and other things that will result to serious setbacks to the development of the society.

He advised the people to wisely open their eyes and refused to be used by selfish people for their evil plans at the detriment of the larger society that earnestly desired peace to carry out their legitimate businesses.

He called on governor Uba Sani to redouble  efforts towards ensuring the restoration of peace, unity and development of Kaduna State by carrying all along without showing favourable to any section of the state but to ensure fairness and justice in dealing with the people in the state.


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