Political Analyst, Victor Bobai Scores Hon Ekene High On Governance


*Says he’s a true legislator, rallies support for him 


A political analyst based in Sabon-Tasha Ward, Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Honourable Victor Mathew Bobai, has described Honourable Ekene Abubakar Adams  as a true legislator. 

Bobai in his analysis on Monday, said the good deeds of the Federal lawmaker are felt by all asundry, cutting across all political parties regardless of tribe, religion, ethnicity or other differences.

Honourable Ekene Abubakar Adams is the  lawmaker representing the  people of Chikun/Kajuru Federal Constituency and Nigerians, under the Labour Party (LP) who was appointed  the House Committee Chairman on Sports under the current Speaker, Rt. Hon. Abbas Tajudeen.

According to Bobai, It is always great to have dedicated leaders who are focused on the betterment of their constituents, therefore It’s important for members of his constituency to come together and support his efforts, regardless of party affiliations, as unity and collaboration are crucial for driving positive change.

The analyst further stressed that a true legislator is someone who actively represents and serves the best interests of  constituents, adding that Hon. Ekene is dedicated to the responsibilities and duties associated with his position and his actions are guided by the needs and aspirations of the people he represents.

While calling on relevant stakeholders to join hands and support the good works Ekene is doing, Bobai expressed optimism that the lawmaker has the potential to bring about significant development and progress to the constituency, haven seen how he has prioritized the needs of his community and is tirelessly working towards achieving uncommon development.

He said, “Few days ago, I witnessed how  wonderful Honourable Ekene Abubakar Adams, performed his legislative duties at the constituency office in Kaduna.

“Ultimately, a true legislator is dedicated to serving the public interest and working towards the betterment of their constituents’ lives. They prioritize the needs of their community, work diligently to enact positive change, and strive to be accessible and responsive to the concerns of those they represent.

“With his determination and commitment, Honourable Ekene Abubakar Adams, has the potentials to bring about significant development and progress to the Chikun and Kajuru Federal Constituency. It’s inspiring to see leaders who prioritize the needs of their community and work towards achieving uncommon development.

“I encourage the members of his constituency to actively engage  him, provide him with feedback, and share their concerns and aspirations. By working together, he can better understand the needs of the people he represents and create a positive impact.

“Overall, it’s exciting to have a legislator who is dedicated to improving the lives of the people in his constituency. Let us support Honourable Adams Ekene Abubakar in his endeavors and hope for a brighter future.” He said.


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