Planned 45% electricity tariff increment “illegal, null, and void” – NLC


Planned 45% electricity tariff increment “illegal, null, and void” – NLC
By; Bayo Akamo, Ibadan.
The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union of Nigeria (TUC) yesterday asked Federal Government to forget about the planned 45% increase in the prices of electricity tariff.
Speaking at a protest in Ibadan by the NLC, Trade Union Congress(TUC) and civil society organisations’ members against the planned 45 percent increase in the prices of electricity tariff, Oyo State Chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress( NLC), Comrade Waheed Olojede declared that Nigerians are ready to stop all the anti masses policies including the planned 45 percent increase
Comrade Olojede said any planned increment in the tarrif now would be illegal, null, and void since the matter was already in court and therefore status quo must be maintained.
“Any increment now would be illegal, null, and void because the matter is already in court and therefore status quo must be maintained. We are sufficiently aware that a body called Electricity Consumers Protection Forum had already dragged the company and the federal government to court over this proposed increase when government first attempted it and the matter is still in court and any other matter that is in court, we hope that any other matter related to it should remain under status quo . And we are also sufficiently informed that a clause of Memorandum of Understanding on privatisation has it that before any increment at all there would always be meetings of all stakeholders . No such meetings have been called” he said.
Comrade Olojede disclosed that considering the total support witnessed at the rally, it was clear that Nigerians are not in support of the planned increase in the electricity.
“Our people have spoken and any attempt to increase price of electricity tariff will be resisted. Already we have the protest and nothing will stop us. We want to press home the demands of Nigerian workers and Nigerian masses at large who are now saying no to any increment in electricity tariff,” he said.
According to him, the NLC and TUC and civil society allies “are championing this course in the interest of the masses of Nigeria,” adding that, “they are saying no to it because the economy in Nigeria today has created a very hostile environment to the extent that any increment in any social perspective of government now will remain unacceptable”.
The NLC Chairman stressed “and that is why NLC is saying no to this arbitrary decision by Discos and Gencos to have concluded in increasing electricity prices and tariffs . And two, it was also confirmed from the Memorandum of Understanding on privatisation that before the company can increase tariff that all consumers will be appropriately metered” .
Today, they are still bringing arbitrary charges. That is why the NLC is saying until those conditions are fulfilled there is no need for any increment now . The NLC, TUC and civil society organisations are joining hands together at least to fight for the interest of Nigerians. The downtrodden masses of Nigeria today could not afford three square meals in a day. Why should government go into policies that will still send them into poverty and hardship. That is why NLC is on the streets today”.
The protest which commenced as early as 8am from Monatan societies took the protesters to major streets of Ibadan with the picketing of the
three major offices of the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC), including the Ring road, Ibadan Headquarters while the IBEDC staffs deserted their offices on sighting the protesters heading towards their office despite the presence of Policemen.


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