PDP faction in Imo rejects imposition of candidates


PDP faction in Imo rejects imposition of candidates
 A faction of the people’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo which calls itself, “True Democrats” has rejected what it describes as “Imposition lists for congresses” in future elections in the state as well imposition of candidates at any level of the party structure in the state which it said it will no longer accept describing such imposition as undemocratic.
In a communiqué issued at the end of its meeting in Owerri Friday, and signed by notable party chieftains, the faction believed the imposition of candidates and delegate lists for congresses and elections, has been the source of acrimony, in-fighting and the poor performance of the party in the last general election in the state.
The communiqué stated that the party chieftains who came from the three zones of the state including Chief Achike Udenwa former Governor of the State, Dr. Alex Obi Former Chairman of the party, Arch Amaugo Ugorji, Dr Douglas Acholonu, Hon, Nze Ignatius Umunna, Hon. Hilary Udumukwu.and Hon. Patrick Ndubueze.
According to the communiqué, in future elections and restructuring of the party, it was resolved that zoning principle should be adopted in the state to reduce the bickering, acrimony and high expenditure that follows the contest of elections in to public offices.
This faction, the communiqué further said, insisted that public offices such as governorship, senatorial, House of representatives positions and state Assemblies/councillorship positions should be zoned.
Also to be zoned according to the communiqué, are all party offices at all levels, pointing out that the party should set up an all embracing re-conciliation committee, headed by a seasoned and tested politician with integrity and good track record for the purpose of re-uniting all the party men and women.


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