OYSG to resuscitate all categories of sports in the state – Commissioner


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan.
Oyo state Commissioner for Youths and Sports, Barrister Yomi Oke has said the state government is set to develop and resuscitate all categories of sports in the state.
Barrister Oke stated this in Ibadan while speaking with journalists on the plans by the present administration in Oyo State towards lifting sporting activities forward in and across the state.
The Commissioner declared that plans are underway to incorporate all categories of sports including football, volleyball, basketball, cycling, hockey and polo while clubs such as 3SC, Crown FC, Atiba FC and other clubs in the state are to be reposition for better sporting activities.
He stressed that while it was the tradition of many government to focus only on football, the present administration in Oyo State will resuscitate all categories of sports in the state.
“I will focus not only on football, there are so many sporting activities that can give us more medals than football. My focus will also be base on grassroots sports, we will develop sports of all categories. My focus will be on all categories of sports so that we will be able to achieve so much” he said.
The Sports Commissioner added, “it will be based on age-group, part of my plans is to involve every sports association registered with the sports council, every sports association must come up with a plan and show us what is their agenda for six months or a year”.
“Most times, the attention always is on football. I used to wonder why focus on football, there are so many sports that can give us more medals than football, there will be a change in style, a lot of focus will be in others sports; hockey, swimming, cricket, and all that. And my focus will also be on grassroots development in the sense that we will introduce competitions from ward to local government, zonal and at the state level”.
The Commissioner also disclosed that the state government is to encourage private sector involvement to execute some of its plans for sports development in the state, saying, “as you know, we don’t have money to do all those things, we will leverage on partnering with private sector and support”.
“There is going to be a lot of private sector involvement and I have already discussed with my people in the ministry. We will look for people whose interest is basketball and we will see how we can develop basketball.


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