Over 80% of Prison Inmates are Awaiting Trial – CCC


A report has shown that more than 80 percent of prison inmates in the country are awaiting trials, owing to unwholesome criminal justice system in the country.
The report just released by the Centre for Crisis Communication (CCC) to mark its one year of service to the nation, notes that the Nigerian Prisons Service sits at the very heart of Nigeria’s security architecture and should not be toyed with as the agency is statutorily responsible for holding convicted offenders.
The Executive Secretary of the Centre, Air Commodore Yusuf Anas (Rtd) who made the report available to the media further said the remaining 20 percent represents convicted prisoners stressing that apart from the convicted offenders, the prisons also provide abode for those who are still awaiting trials for various crimes and offences ranging from pick-pocketing to terrorism.
It noted that the prisons are indeed very sensitive and important security institution which must be accorded its place of priority and strategic importance in the overall interest of the society.
The Centre expressed dismay over reported cases of security breaches that led to attempted and actual prisons breaks across the country adding that an assessment of a number of Nigerian Prisons revealed a dire situation across the various prison facilities in the country.
It observed that apart from the obsolete and debilitating state of most of the prisons, there is an apparent shortage or inadequacy of the holding facilities resulting to congestion and most times over stretched with mostly awaiting trial inmates (ATI).
It called on the authorities to carry out reforms to make prisons across the country more habitable, noting that the staggering ratio of actual convicts to the awaiting trial inmates (ATI) is indicative of a systemic failure in our criminal justice system.
Meanwhile the Centre said it does not support the current agitation for the break up of the country as this would mean a setback of years of unity and progress enjoyed by Nigerians.
The Centre deplored the situation in Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps across the country and called for unhindered access to humanitarian activities from both government  and international donor agencies. It nevertheless commended the National Emergemency Management Agency (NEMA) for its relentless intervention on the plights of IDPs.
It however commended government’s efforts at tackling Boko Haram and other insurgencies in the country.
Detailed info-graphic analysis of situation in a few of the prisons that were assessed by the CCC.

Analysis of 7 Nigerian Prisons depicting year of establishment, location, capacity, population, awaiting trial inmates and convicted inmates as at March, 2016.
S/No Location Year of Establishment Capacity Population Awaiting trial Convicted % of Awaiting Trial inmates
1 Ikoyi 1951 800 2239 1965 274 88%
2 Katsina 1918 238 1069 997 72 93%
3 Kano Central 1910 690 1609 942 667 59%
4 Umuahia 1970 400 1035 993 42 96%
5 Owerri 1948 548 2144 1983 161 93%
6 Port-Harcourt 1918 804 3593 3209 384 89%
7 Enugu 1915 638 1964 1677 287 85%
Data collated by the Centre for Crisis Communication (CCC)



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