Ondo Jealous Wife Pours Hot Water On Nursing Mother 



The Police in Ondo State have arrested a food vendor, Esther Godwin, for allegedly pouring hot on a nursing mother identified as Endurance Samuel.

The incident happened at Olofin community in Idanre, in the Idanre Local Government Area of the State.

The 39-yr-old suspect who invited the victim to her house through a phone call to come over and collect palm oil her husband was owing her, was said to have accused Endurance of having an illicit affair with her husband, named Sunday Godwin.

As Endurance arrived in no distant time, sources said the victim took the little baby from her victim, queried her relationship with her husband while Endurance denied that there was no relationship with her husband than working for the husband” 

“The suspect was said to have dashed inside the room only to come out with a hot water kettle and poured it on Endurance’s body.

“The victim tried to run away from the suspect, but he was dragged into the house while Esther poured the whole hot water on her” 

“The victim was immediately rushed to the Health centre in the town but later referred to General Hospital, Alade Idanre, where she is still receiving treatment” 

Narrating her nerve-racking ordeal, Endurance explained that though she usually works on the suspect husband’s farm, said there was nothing between them than a master and labourer relationship, saying “no strings attached”

She explained, “Esther called me from where I was learning tailoring to come and collect the palm oil her husband is owing me because I also work as a labourer for some farmers in the town.

” I rushed out of my oga’s shop excitedly to the place, not knowing that the call was just to lure me to her own shop where she was selling food, to pour hot water on me for the offence I did not commit,”

It was, however, gathered that police from the state command arrested Esther, who is said to be nursing a month-old baby, and subsequently charged before the Magistrate court in Idanre and was remanded at the female correctional centre, Surulere, Ondo, till July 17, 2023.

On his part, the husband of the suspect, Sunday Godwin, who denied having any affair with Endurance, said he only engaged her as a farmhand on his farm. 

He added “i was surprised with this development, and I have been paying for the victim’s treatment at the hospital since the incident happened.”


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