Olympic Games; Changing lives through the beauty, joy of sport


Northern Coordinator, Global Peace Foundation Nigeria, Rev. John Joseph Hayab, has noted that for there to be peace in the world, we must continue to promote and celebrate one another.
He added, “We should strive to unite not plan to kill or destroy one another.”
In a statement he signed on the significance of the official opening of this year’s Olympics to the unity and peaceful coexistence of humanity, he said, “I was so happy early Saturday morning when I watch on television the parade of different nation and continents for this year Olympics game.
“The cultural dresses and joyful match pass were attractive. This goes to show how God created us all differently to make our world beautiful and sweet.
“The sports men and women were matching and dancing while the spectators were clapping with smiles all over their faces. Whenever human beings comes together irrespective of their religion, ethnicity or continents you see beauty and happiness.
“I did not see Islam, Christian, Hindu or any religion; all I saw were human beings in their beauty and splendor. I believe no one in his right senses that will not appreciate and celebrate this coming together of humanity even if you are not attracted to any particular game or sport.
“Those who have lost their humanity under the disguise of religion or any ideology and are causing fellow human beings pains by killing and destruction should come back to their senses. The presence of other human being close to you irrespective of color or religion makes life sweet, beautiful and more secure.
“We are not secured because we have security men around us but because our love for each other and because our fellow humans are together with us; It is therefore necessary for everyone wherever you are to work towards promoting love and unity among humanity.
“Our community, society and the world at large will be sweeter, secured and even more developed if we celebrate, appreciate and love others than when we become misanthropes and as a result worst than a beast.
“Our world is looking for men and women, young and old that will use our different religion, educational attainment, race and continent to color it with sweet and beautiful activities just as our sportsmen and women will do in Rio, Brazil in the next three weeks.”


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