Obey Court Order, Free Sarkin Hausawan Lagos, Concerned Northern Forum Demands


*Says claims that Alhaji Yaro is not Sarkin Husawa,  ridiculous 

By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna 

The Concerned Northern Forum, has described as ridiculous for anybody or group of persons to claim that Alhaji Aminu Yaro is not the Sarkin Hausawan Lagos or even a member of the Council of Chiefs.

The Concerned Northern Forum, had appealed to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to intervene and secure the immediate release of Alhaji Aminu Yaro, Sarkin Hausawan Lagos, to be freed  as ordered by the court of law. 

The chairman, Board of Trustee Concerned Northern Forum, Mohammed Danlami, in a statement yesterday, said, “The attention of the Concerned Northern Forum has been drawn to a press release by some faceless persons who claimed to be members of the National Arewa Council, Lagos State chapter, led by one Ahmed Danbatta. Where in the press text Ahmed Danbatta was quoted to be saying, Alhaji Aminu Yaro is not the Sarkin Hausawan Lagos or even a member of the Council of Chiefs.”

The Concerned Northern Forum described the piece of information as “ridiculous, and the perpetrators of it as bunch of ignorant and mis-informed individuals who are sponsored by some disgruntled elements to spread rumors and provocative statements capable of instigating violence”. 

For clarity of purpose and setting the record straight, the chairman explained that Alhaji Aminu Yaro is the only recognised Sarkin Hausawan Lagos since the demise of his late father, Alhaji Yaro Dogara who has been the Sarkin Hausawan Lagos for decades, saying that they are talking of Sarkin Hausawan Lagos in its entirety not a selected area. 

According to him, those stating otherwise should know that power, wealth, influence and greatness all comes from no one but God alone, stressing that he gifts it to whom he so wishes and he has given them to Alhaji Aminu Yaro as those envying and challenging him are indirectly challenging God. 

He stated that a competent court of law has ordered for Alhaji Aminu Yaro to be freed, pointing  out that it is injustice on the contrary and it is exactly what they are fighting against and advocating for true justice, fairness and equity for all irrespective of their tribe, religion or region.

He called on the general public to disregard Danbatta and his gang as they only speak for themselves and their pockets, bonafide members of the National Arewa Council have since pledged their support and loyalty to Alhaji Aminu Yaro Dogara (Sarkin Hausawan Lagos).


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