NTF Crisis: Ashiru awaits NSC decision


 NTF Crisis: Ashiru awaits NSC decision
By; Ayo Ojedokun, Lagos.
President of Nigeria Taekwondo Federation, George Ashiru says he is awaiting the decision of National Sports Commission on his purported impeachment by the board members of the Federation.
Six out of the nine board members of Nigeria Taekwondo Federation a fortnight ago during the just concluded Korea Ambassador’s West African Taekwondo Championship, voted for the impeachment of Ashiru, accusing him among other things  of  high handedness, running the Federation like his personal property, keeping the financial statement of the Federation away from board members, holding only four board meetings in two and half years, instead of maximum 12 required by the code of guidance as well as not protecting the interest of the sports which led to its downgrading from Grade 1 to 2 sports among other allegations.
Speaking on the development, Ashiru told New Nigeria Sports that NSC has been fully briefed on the development and he is awaiting their final decision on the matter even as he described the purported impeachment as null and void.
“I want to tell Nigerians that the whole impeachment saga did not follow due process and as such cannot stand. I have reported the matter to the National Sports Commission and they will soon take a decision on that and not until they take a contrary the decision, I am still the President of Nigeria Taekwondo Federation”, he concluded.


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