NSHA Declares Investment Company Illegal; Summons Justice Commissioner, SSG

By; Bala B. Bitrus, Minna.
Niger state House of Assembly has said that the existence of the state Investment Promotions Company has not been codified nor it’s establishment supported by any legislation or legal framework.
The company came into existence about three years ago as it was hurriedly put together by the last administration in the state as a business and investment profiling company of the state to package and profile the endowments of the state and attract investments to the state.
But the present Lawmakers in the state said the company is an illegal contraption which has no law backing it’s existence, operations and rationale.
 In it’s last plenary for the year before going for the new year break, members of the state House of Assembly queried the existence of the Investment Company without supportive legal framework even as they declared the company as illegal body that must be shut down. 
The Lawmakers issued a summon on the state Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, Hon. Nasara Dan Mallam and the Secretary to the State Government to appear before the Lawmakers with detailed explanations about the operations of the company.
The House said until such information were provided, the company remains an illegal contraption and that all those at the helm of affairs at the company are usurpers and impassanators.
 The issue about the company came up under matters of urgent public importance during  the House last plenary before going on a two weeks recess for the new year break.
The Lawmakers brought it up in pursuance to order two, rule four of the House”s Standing Orders 2008 where they argued that the agency had existed and operated without any legislative backing.
The Lawmakers also expressed concern that in total disregard to all democratic practices, business rules and regulations and the laws of Niger state, certain individuals have been allowed to  parade themselves as Director General and Executive Secretary of Niger State Investment Promotions Agency, (NSIPA).
The company was styled by the last administration as a “One Stop Investment Shop” for the state and allowed to do business on behalf of the state. But the members of the state legislature observed that there were no laws put in place to regulate the activities of NSIPA which has a conspicuous office complex in the heart of the metropolis.
The Lawmakers resolved that to unravel the debacles around the existence of the so called investment company, the duo of the state’s Commissioner of Justice and the SSG be invited to appear before the House in its next sitting (after the break) to provide insights  into the existence and operations of the agency while all staffers of the company  would be deployed to Ministry of Commerce and Investment at the end of the House’s fubdings.
Meanwhile, the Director General of the NSIPA, Mr. Hamza Bello is believed to be casualty of political power play within the APC led administration in the state.
Our fndings revealed that members of the State House of Assembly and the Executive arm of the government are turging at each other over the appointment of Bello and not the existence of the company per second.
“The Lawmakers are averse to the appointment of Bello as well as who is to head the company and those to be appointed as Executive Directors” said a source close to government quarters.
This fact was buttressed by another credible source within the government house who hinted that the arrogance and refusal of the Director General of the company to “parley” with the leadership of the Legistlature must have brought the current stand up on the existence of the investment company.
Another source hinted that Bello’s unbending attitudes have led to frosty relationship between him and the leadership of the House of Assembly hence the House resolve to deal with him.


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