Northern Youth Association Honours Justice  Buba 



A group of Northern Nigerian youth under the aegis of Arewa Youth For Liberty (AYFL) has expressed  that his goodness, hard work and love of the people with efforts to uphold the truth and do justice is what drew their attention to the idea of ​​paying tribute to a former retired Judge Hon.  Ibrahim Buba, Walin Mambila and Turakin Gashaka.

Hence, on Saturday, August 5, 2023, the youth of the North honoured Judge Ibrahim Buba with the medal of “Majidadin Matasan Arewa”.

Shortly after receiving the award and delivering a speech to the participants, retired Justice Ibrahim Buba told the media that he was  happy that he was sought out in the public for the honour, especially by the youth.

“When we were children, we were told that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow, so my tomorrow has come, because tomorrow is only talked about. We are only waiting for time, but what you do with the time you have is  is very important, that’s why we call on young people not to play with their time because it’s the right time to go to school, it’s the right time to go to the university, it’s right for them to be involved in other things  and be useful in their lives and the country as a whole.

“Therefore, if they go to school, they must be looking for  good and quality education because if they are given certificate of graduation, they would be able to defend the certificate that was given to them at all times.

“Indeed, today I am very happy with the honour that the youth of the North have given me under the North Youth For Liberty (AYFL).

“If a person is young, there is indeed plenty of time, so it is appropriate for them to know that they are the ones who will be relied upon one day as leaders of the future, especially in the construction of the country.  

“That is, what I am saying is that every father has a duty that he has taken upon himself to ensure that the issue of discipline starts from home because it is from there that the discipline of building a community begins.  So a person should not have children who he cannot send  to school, a person must have children who he will educate  and give them education.   If everyone does the right work, there will be no issue of corruption in the society.

“If a person just spends  time watching his son using a big cell phone that costs one million Naira, or watches his daughter or son without asking them how they got the cell phone,    you yourself are contaminated with the issue of corruption because parents will not allow their children to ask for more than they can afford and in this kind of life, people will accuse the government officials of the way they live or manage their work.  .

“Let’s fight corruption from within our homes and we will win the war in the city or the whole country. How can it be said that at ten o’clock young people are lying in their beds with their phones, but their parents are struggling with so much work at the same time, cooking, cleaning, washing, cooking food, etc. I will not allow that in my house. I will tell you what I am doing when I wake up in the morning in my house.  If I don’t see my child come to greet me, then I will go and greet them because I will be in their room and say that I came to greet you. But there are some people who will spend three days without seeing their children but then they  challenge everything the government l does”, he  said.


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