Northern Yoruba Community urges FG to halt increasing rices of goods


By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna.
Following the recent increase in the prices of all materials including foodstuffs in the country, the federal government has been called upon to urgently find lasting solutions to the situation to save Nigerians from impending crisis.
The chairman of Yoruba traditional council in the 19 Northern States and Abuja, Muhammad Arigbabowo in a statement issued to newsmen in Kaduna Monday, said the price increase in virtually all communities was a panacea for unrest in the whole country.
He thereby called on the present administration to flood the markets with assorted foodstuffs to help ameliorate the suffering of the masses.
According to him, the situation was becoming unbearable for some people that many families cannot feed their offspring, stressing that this has created misunderstanding within families posing a threat to their marriages.
He noted that anybody who listen to what Nigrrians were saying would know that the people of the country accepted the government of President Buhari, adding that the issue of inflation ravaging the country was making people to loose hope on a government elected into office to provide for Nigerians needs.
Ambassador Arigbabowo advised the federal government not to live the issue of agriculture to paperwork alone, but make haste to see that farmers have access to fertilizers and other inputs to feed the masses as a way of bringing the prices of commodity down to the barest minimum.
He noted that the time had come for the nation to urgently diversify and put more emphasis on the development of solely relying on oil and gas that has become a problem to the nation.


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