Northern CAN Calls For Drastic Steps Against Herders Destroying  Farmlands


By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna 

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Nineteen Northern States and Abuja, has called on the federal government to take drastic action against armed Fulani herders going about destroying crops by grazing on farmlands or wickedly cutting off the crops of farmers in parts of the country.

A communique issued at the end of its meeting  in Kaduna, signed by Chaplain Gilbert Jechonia, Public Relations Officer (PRO), said, “We call on the government to take drastic action against armed Fulani herders, who go about destroying crops by grazing on farmlands or wickedly cutting off the crops, especially in Plateau, Benue Taraba states, Southern Kaduna and other parts of the country.” 

The meeting hailed the efforts of security agencies for fighting insurgency and banditry that has contributed to the destruction of the country’s economy, while calling on the federal government not to relent in empowering and supporting security agencies to crush the criminals. 

Following the incessant attacks by bandits, the meeting noted that there is mass poverty and hunger in the land, “many Nigerians are barely struggling to make ends meet,”  lamenting that many businesses have collapsed as a result of the harsh economic situation in the country, as unemployment has pushed many young people into crime.

The meeting called on President Bola Tinubu and the 36 governors to live up to the expectations of Nigerians, by ensuring that the economic and social problems bedeviling the country are addressed, adding that they must run an all inclusive government and ensure that development projects are distributed fairly to give every section of the country or state a sense of belonging. 

The meeting also called on President Bola Tinubu to do everything possible to address the issue of food crisis in the land, saying, “Nigerians are suffering as a result of the removal of Petrol subsidy. Life is becoming a living hell as prices of food, transportation and other essential commodities have gone up beyond the reach of many the poor masses. The prices are on the increase on a daily basis.”

On the provision of palliatives, the meeting advised the government to take more concrete and realistic measures at addressing the problem than adopting the adhoc strategy that will only end up enriching few individuals. 


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