No basis to antagonize wearing of Hijab in Nigeria – Oloso


No basis to antagonize wearing of Hijab in Nigeria – Oloso
By; Bayo Akamo, Ibadan.
Head of Department, Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Ibadan, Professor  Kamil Oloso yesterday said there is no basis for anybody or institution to antagonise wearing of Hijab in Nigeria.
Professor Oloso stated this in Ibadan at a one-day public lecture titled “Hijab: Why the Controversy’’ organised by the Bodija Muslim Youth Forum (BOMYOF) at the Islamic Centre.
He declared that hijab wearing was an injunction from Allah as contained in the Holy books of both Muslims and Christians, saying, it was surprising for anybody or institution to be antagonising or legislating against the divine commandment.
According to the Chairman of Board of Religious Affairs (BORA) of Bodija Estates and Environs Muslim Community (BEEMC), it was ignorance on the part of those criticising the wearing of hijab as it does not in any way diminish the status of those wearing it.
Professor Oloso then charged Muslim females to be wearing it and not succumb to any  intimidation as they are protected under both the divine law and Nigerian constitution.
“Hijab is an injunction from Allah. It does not diminish your intellect, instead, it enhances your beauty and dignify you as a Muslim woman’’, he said.
Speaking, an Ibadan-based Islamic Scholar, Malam Abdulhakeem Ishola, declared that wearing  Hijab “is a dress code prescribed for female Muslims who have reached puberty and that hijab is a commandment from Allah and thus wearing it is an act of obedience to His commands.
The guest lecturer who traced the origin and types of hijab, added that wearing of hijab, like any other commandments of Allah, brings the wearer closer to her Creator and give her a sense of satisfaction and contentment.
He however frowned at those calling for ban on hijab for security reasons in Nigeria, saying, “hijab promotes modesty, decency and seeks to minimise immorality within the society’’.
He pointed out that banning hijab under any guise in Nigeria would be tantamount to denying Muslim women their God-given fundamental human rights as it is part of our religion and symbol’’.
According to him, Muslim women followed the example of righteous women in the past such as Mary, the mother of Jesus,  as evidenced in 1 Corinthians 11:3-6 and 1 Timothy 2: 9-10.
He appealed to Muslim women not to be intimidated or shy away from Allah’s commandment as hijab enables them to have confidence in themselves and increases their self- esteem.
“Hijab is an act of liberation, purity and most importantly, belief. Respect for women is an important aspect of Islamic teachings, and this is illustrated through the use of hijab’’.


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