NIMR Advisory Board Will Work For  Successful Healthcare Policy Implementation – Board Member

Professor Muhammed Bello Shitu

A member of the recently inaugurated research advisory Board for the Nigeria Institute of Medical Research (NIMR), Professor Muhammed Bello Shitu said that the board will  work  selflessly  in order to bring more success towards the implementation of the government’s policy in healthcare sector.
He made this known shortly after their inauguration as a twelve-man constituted board member in Lagos, adding that all the members of the board are purely ready to work successfully for the reformation of  health sector which is a very vital area,  stressing  that the institute needs to be more resourceful for the purpose of it’s creation many years ago.
Professor Shitu   disclosed  that   the institute was established since  1926,  and it is now a time for  the re-assigning the research station to be more active in bringing out an up-to-date healthcare strategies  in order to makes Nigeria’s healthcare systems more important to the citizens as seen in other developed nations accross the globe.
He finally announced that the leader of the advisory board Senator Danjuma Goje  is an experienced and resourcefull person who really knows how to  share more important ideas for the  speedy implementation of the best policy in  the restoration of healthcare delivery programmes in this country with an  excellent results.


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