Nigeria’s Situation Worse Under Buhari – Agoro


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

National Chairman of the National Action Council (NAC) Dr Olapade Agoro on Tuesday said that Nigeria’s situation is now far worse than that of year 2015.

Dr Agoro stated this in a statement made available to newsmen in Ibadan on the present situation in the country.

According to Dr Agoro, it is glaring that without doubt, Nigeria’s survival, is presently ‘an act of God”, saying, “if President Muhammadu Buhari will  remove the scales from his eyes to allow him see properly,  Nigeria is currently having more issues and problems plaguing her survival than those she had in 2015.                        

“Nigeria’s situation now if the truth must be said and the fact faced, is now far worse than that of year 2015. We, the  concerned peoples must ask Buhari what his business is in government with Nigeria currently in quagmire of shameful and economic retarding fuel crisis, unprecedented unemployment rise” he said.

Dr Agoro added that the “Naira exchanging 199.96 to 1 US dollars in 2015 but now 360  to 1 US dollars,  woeful security challenges, rights abuses here and there, terribly bad and unsafe roads from Lagos through to Ibadan, Owo, Okene, to Ibilo and to Lokoja, Kidnappings of hundred innocent citizens here and there,  power generation delivery refusing to improve form its abysmal unproductive low level of 4000 MW, loud noise making  corruption fighting feasibly against only those in opposition and laughingly favouring  those who hurriedly for the fear of EFCC cross carpeted  from PDP to APC etc.

“If the National Bureau of Statistics recently rolled out information for the second quarters of 2017  that percentage of unemployed Nigerians increased in second quarters  from 16.2 per cent to frightening 18.8 per cent a good leader must be seeing the hand writing on the wall of ominous signals of provision of readily available idle hands for the devil’s workshop.”          


The NAC National Chairman however stressed that  “the possible solution will be found in the emergence of a new, Almighty God fearing,  EFCC, ICPC corruption free, mental capable, proven integrity leader devoid of failed APC/PDP political foibles leading  Nigeria to the land of freedom and happiness come 2019.”

“Muhammadu Buhari having risen through the glorious military ranks to become a Major General  and thereafter having the privileged and opportunity to have occupied the seat of power as Head of State of Nigeria  from 31st December 1983 to 27th August 1985  and later served as the Chairman of the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF),  under the government of General Sani Abacha must be seen and accepted talking bull shit to his praise singers  and supporters  he received in Presidential Villa of recent that “ I’m still in shock over the rot I met in 2015”


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