Nigeria’s  Military Can Effectively  Tackle Insecurity – Lai Mohammed



The Minister  of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has said that   the Nigerian military, working in concert with our government, has what it takes to handle the security situation in NIgeria.

The minister stated this in Kaduna, during the presentation of State Security Reports for the second and third quarters of 2022,   by Commissioner Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs, Kaduna State, Hon Samuel Aruwan  at the  Government House, Kaduna.

Lai Mohammed said, “What I have witnessed today is a validation of my position that the Nigerian military, working in concert with our government has what it takes to handle the security situation in NIgeria.

“And this brings me to the most topical issue today, which is the security alert sent by the United States of America on the security situation in NIgeria, in Abuja in particular and in Nigeria as a whole.

“I want to say very categorically and without mincing words that, whatever is the intention of this security alert or this travel advisory, what it has done is that, it has terrorized our people and it has set the nation in a panic mood.

“No doubt, the American government has a right to issue travel advisory to its citizens, but that should not go to the extent of scare mongering.

“What the federal government has said is that, yeah, this particular advisory was meant for the American citizens, but when it was leaked to the media, it caused a lot of panic to our people. 

“A responsible government will swallow hook line and sinker the security alert from any other foreign country, especially when we have confidence  in our own military and other security agencies to gather intelligence and act upon it. 

“Since this controversy, I have been asking a question, as soon as we responded that the federal government is in full control, and that we do quite understand the situation, and that we are on top of it, some people have rushed to the media, some even having editorial criticizing the federal government. 

“We make no apology that we said that our military is on top of this situation, that our military are competent and even in some cases pay the supreme sacrifice to keep this secured.

“When the US issued the security alert, what did they expect us to do? To tell Nigerians to run away? No! We did what any responsible government will do, which is to reassure Nigerians, to let them know that the security agencies are on top of this matter and that they are doing everything everyday, including laying down their lives, to ensure that me and you sleep peacefully. 

“And this is precisely what has been confirmed by the meeting here today. 

“Another big issue I want to raise your excellency, has to do with my brothers in the media. 

“We cannot to de-market our own country. What makes the security intelligence of the Americans superior to our own? This trust deficit between the government and the governed, I think we in the media need to do a lot more to rectify. 

“Because when I look at what our traditional rulers are doing, the synergy between them and the military and the government, we should begin to understand that, we are dealing with a complex issue. This issues didn’t start yesterday, but we have finally got a firm handle of them. 

“So, what you need to help us do is to always look to bring the best out of our government, whether at the federal or local level, because nobody is going to build your country for you. 

“When the Americans felt it was too hot for them, they asked their people to go. Can we ask Nigerians to go to anywhere? We cannot. So, we must all stay here, fight it and ensure that this country is safe, stable and prosperous”.

Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai,   had earlier, welcomed Alhaji Lai Mohammed,  the Minister  of Information and Culture and other esteemed guests to the  special session of the Kaduna State Security Council.


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