Nigerians Urged To Embrace Politics Of Ideology


Nigerians have been called upon to imbibe politics of ideology by voting for persons they know can deliver rather than voting for political parties.
The call was made by the chairman of New Life for All, Rev.Dr (Amb) Yusuf Biniyat Jnr during an interview with the New Nigerian is his office in Kaduna recently.
He said it is high time electorate exercise their civic right by voting out non performing politicians from offices and replace them by their voting power.
According to Dr. Biniyat this is the time we need to change from party politics to politics of ideology and personality “when you believe in the ideas and credibility of an office – seeker through the power of voting, go ahead and vote for him in respective of what party he belongs to”.
The Rev. noted that maturity must come to play in Nigerian politics, advising that ideology is what the electorate requires to change our perspective in politics.
He said anti party syndrome could prevent politicians from been voted for through the use of delegates or whatever means, but the electorate have the power to vote them out.


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