Nigerians Are Worst At Making Jest Of Their Leaders – Don


By; MUSA KUTAMA, Calabar.
A university don Dr. Patrick Egaga has frown at the attitudes of some Nigerians and the manner they post nasty stories and photo of President Muhammadu Buhari on  social media asserting that they spreading  false rumours that may likely caused tension, calling the act uncouth.
Dr. Egaga made the assertion in calabar while addressing journalists stressing that the way and manner Nigerians are politicizing the president’s leave and illhealth, if it is true “my own take is if there is no recession all this wouldn’t have come, nobody would bothered about it. It is only those that are in government that they cannot do any mago-mago or follow short cut to enjoy in the economy, so that is exactly what is happening”.
Commenting on those, that through the social media are fabricating all forms of lies that the president has passed on,  the university lecturer  said “ out of 170 million Nigerians some people live on rumour, they live on rumour circulation the rumour mill I am talking is founded, for example we are hear now briefing you, but some people now are in the beer palour circulating rumour of what is happening.
“With this kind of population we have, there are some idle minds, there are some people who dont wish the man wel.l May be there some people in government that may wish the man die”.
He cited an example of former Taraba State Governor Danbaba  Suntai “who survived an aircraft accident and still alive is it not miraculors?” He warned those peddling this rumour to desist from doing so as “that might cause insecurity in the country”.
The university lecturer said those making the jest at the President are “the greatest problem that we have in Nigeria, in fact, if you take statistics, Nigerian social media are the highest that makes caricature of their leaders. You can see different photographs of Mohammadu Buhari posted on how he is lying in the hospital, how he is not eating, how he is not talking. For instance if you open facebook you wont see any thing on Angela Markel, or Donald Trump that is why I said Nigerian human being are the highest in making caricature of their leaders.”
He called on the parliaments to pass a law on using social media or an act regulating making use of it like it happens in other countries .
He called on Nigerians irrespective of their religious affiliation to pray for Muhammadu Buhari and the nation in general.


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