Nigeria Communities Structure Encourages High Urban Insecurity -Prof Akanji


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan.
A Don at the Institute of Peace and Strategic Studies (IPSS), University of Ibadan, Professor Tajudeen Akanji has identified segregated settlement of ethnic groups as the major cause of rising insecurity in Nigeria.
Professor Akanji stated this in Ibadan while speaking at the stakeholders round table discussion titled, “the role of stakeholders in Urban security management: the case of Ibadan” organised by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, ( KAS ).
According the University Don, “the way Nigerian communities are structured encourages high urban insecurity” saying the segregated settlement pattern defies peaceful co-existence among inhabitants of a community.
Professor Akanji who also doubled as the consultant and coordinator of the roundtable discussion, pointed out that “this is not helping security matter as this has resulted to segregated trades and specialization where certain professions are dominated and protected by a particular ethnic groups”.
The Don maintained that the differentiation of citizenship along the indigene-settler classification also create additional problems leading to crimes and other anti-social activities.
Speaking further, the Don stressed that this year’s round table was themed on security because it is in a secured environment, that development can take place and Ibadan is taken as a case study because of its multi-ethnic nature.
“We are interested in Ibadan as a multi-ethnic city because Ibadan like many other city, is a city that has a destructed plans. Due to this, it is difficult for security personnels to trace criminal acts to areas where they are committed. Therefore, we are using local information obtain in study of Ibadan to address problems on other multi-ethnic cities” he said.
Professor Akanji however disclosed that “the core responsibility of KAS is enhancing good governance”and that “the NGO which is supported by the German government has since been in all part of the country”.
The German country’s representative of the NGO, Mrs. Hildegard Behrendt-Kigozi while lamenting the insecurity in Nigeria, declared that the NGO “is presently working with traditional rulers, citizens and agencies to ensure good security measures and enhance the city’s development”.
She emphasized that “Ibadan is a very significant city in the history of the country and all hands must be on deck to enhance its development like other developed cities in the world”.
Dr. Nathaniel Danjibo in his paper on “the role of stakeholders in urban security management”, said there is shortage of security personnels in the city of Ibadan where many communities don’t have police station and which contribute to many criminal activities.
Dr Danjibo stressed that government has the role to give right to the ethnic groups through integrative policy approach that will incorporate the immigrants to enjoy rights as citizens of the land
While urging religious institutions and media to help in promoting security,the Don added that the business corporations should help government by providing them with resources to enhance development.


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