Nigeria can overcome security problems with purposeful leadership – Rwandan envoy


By; Tina Phineas, Yola.
With purposeful and committed leadership, Nigeria can overcome the insecurity problems facing her.
The Rwanda High Commissioner to Nigeria Mr. Stanislas Kamanzi, stated this at the America University of Nigeria (AUN) during the diplomatic lecture series organized by the University.
Mr. Kamanzi who was speaking on the Rwandan genocide that claimed over one million lives in 1994, noted that Nigeria can overcome her problems if they adopt some measures.
According to him, purposeful leadership, dignity, tolerance,
resilience, and self beliefs were some of the principles Rwanda held unto that made the country overcome their  catastrophe and moved  on.
Adding that “22 years down the line Rwanda today is one of the safe countries to live in Africa”.
“My country was able to move from poverty line to an appreciable height because of patriotism, tolerance and self belief by then Rwandans that things can change for the better despite the mass destruction of lives and properties”, he stressed
Mr. Stanislas maintained that Nigeria can learn from the way Rwanda government did, how they stop the genocide and build a solid country.
He noted that “with the collective commitment and determination of the leaders, insurgency will be tackled”
“Unemployment was one area we addressed in Rwanda and I believed that if the unemployment rate is addressed in Nigeria and other African countries, 90 percent of the continent’s problem would have been solved”, the high commissioner stated.
He  attributed  President Paul Kagame’s third term bid to his performance in repositioning the country and the people want him back as president.
Mr. Kamanzi added that “education remains the best to move the country forward as a well informed person is well equip to face challenges”
He stressed that another area government can restore hope for the people is through Agriculture ,”there is need to invest in Agriculture  as it guaranties food security for the people and even generate foreign exchange for the country”.


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