Nigeria Being Piloted By Internal Colonisers – ASUU 


*says it needs true national followers, leaders

*hails NANS for   social consciousness

By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) on Sunday, declared that Nigeria needs true national followers and leaders for good governance and pursue ultimate happiness of the generality of its citizens.

The union in a statement by the ASUU chairman, University of Ibadan, Professor Ayoola Akinwole on the state of nation and the  62nd national independence celebration maintained that Nigeria has been piloted by internal colonisers who promote domination of their people.

According to ASUU, “the way and manner in which the ruling class has piloted the affairs of the country since 1960, is nothing but internal colonialism and domination”.

ASUU stressed, ” the Nigerian ruling class represents the worst form of evil of internal colonialism unknown anywhere in the modern world. They mobilise the resources of the country and cart same away to foreign land, leaving their country and citizens in penury and deprivation”.

” If government is to make life bearable for the governed, the very many of people who witnessed colonial rule regret the current state of Nigeria. The way and manner in which the ruling class have piloted the affairs of the country since 1960 is nothing but internal colonialism and domination”, it said.

The union added, ” a cross-section of Nigerians  will, no doubt, agree that there are no grounds for celebrations and fanfare, due to the deplorable state of affairs in the country.”

” It is a shame for successive government to be unable to solve electricity problem and make education in Nigeria the driver of her development.The treatment meted out to Nigerians, most especially the intelligentsia, by the Government and ruling class, most especially in the current administration of Major General Muhammadu Buhari is worse off”.

ASUU noted, ” it also reflects the oppressive tendencies of some university administration on Workers’ Unions. The payment of 30, 000 is worse than slavery. The non-payment of salaries for over seven months is inhuman treatment aimed at depriving them of their humanity and turning them into modern slaves”. 

Emphasizing that, ” nowhere is the decadence of an independent Nigeria is more abysmal than in the education system”.

ASUU praised the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) for their social consciousness demonstrated “in this trying period, defying authorities whose own children have been ferried abroad to study in universities,  their fees paid with money obtained from our common treasury”


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