Nigeria @ 61: Army, Other Security Operatives Playing Key Roles – Lt Ashafa


By; SANI ALIYU, Zaria 

The Chief Imam of  Basawa Military Cantonment, Zaria Lieutenant Sa’idu Yusuf Ashafa has said that the Nigerian Army and other security operatives have played key roles in keeping Nigeria as a united country in the last 61 years of self governance.

He stated this in his Friday Sermon on the importance of service to the nation at the  cantonment’s Juma’at Mosque. 

Ashafa said,  the core values of the Nigerian Army are loyalty, selfless service, courage, discipline, integrity and respect for others.   

Lt. Sahara maintained that the military profession is one that  envisages sincerity, vassal, loyalty,  courage, humility, perseverance and  trust.  

According to him, military personnel sacrifice their lives for others to survive, they are  sleepless, while the citizens are fast asleep, even snoring,

“Their children become orphans, wives widows, simply for the nation to have its corporate existence as an independent entity. 

“Despite the fact that they need a colorful life too, but prefer their nation to remain as one”. 

Imam Ashafa maintained that tranquility matters most but personnel compromise that for peace to reign in the nation.  

He said all this  entails total sacrifice as there is no amount of Naira or dollars that will compensate a soldier or an officer. 

The reward he said, “undoubtedly rests with Allah the creator of the universe, this is the true exhibition of courage and sacrifice that has no alternative, with this, a man attains exemplary qualities in this life and the hereafter.”

A hadith was narrated which said the Prophet (S.A.W) predicted gloriously that there are two categories of people whose eyes will never be inflicted by hell fire on the day of judgment.

He said  an eye that sheds tears for the fear of Allah and  a sleepless eye observing and defending its territory against terrorism and thuggery.   

 The Chief Imam charged every Nigerian to support the Army and other security agencies to bring to an end the tasking challenges the country is facing particularly the insurgency, banditry, kidnapping rustling and others at this period of 61st Independence of Nigeria. 


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