Niger Govt Looks Towards North Korea For Assistance

 By; BALA B. BITRUS, Minna
Niger State Government is eying possible areas of cooperation with the North Korean government to assist in addressing shortfalls in infrastructure deficit, power supply health care facilities in the state.
Governor Abubakar Sani Bello said while receiving the North Korean ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Jong Yong Chol in his office that the technological advancements in various spheres of endeavours made by the North Korean people were good areas Niger state could tap from for the good of it’s citizens.
He said the state would explore areas of cooperation with the authorities in Pyongyang for the benefits of the state and all it’s citizens.
The governor noted that areas where the state would seek assistance from the country include but not limited to health care delivery, infrastructural development and power infrastructure, education among other things.
The Governor expressed idmiration of the level of development and technological advances attained by the North Koreans and expressed desire to explore and strengthen relationship with the Pyongyang government to draw and tap benefits from the bilateral relationship.
Governor Sani Bello said his administration was desirious of exploring a beneficial relationship with the North Korean government so as to have state of the art medical facilities, construction of power supply infrastructure, development of educational institutions and other spheres that could provide first class services for citizens in the state.
He noted that North Korea, a high level technology power house, has a lot to offer Niger state and Nigeria as a country just as he expressed optimism that a good synergy between the two could be of immense benefits to the people of the state.
He noted that a well developed health care delivery system in the state could redress the huge capital outflow to expended in medical tourism by well placed persons to overseas countries.
He argued that with effective collaboration and partnerships agreement with the North Koreans, health care delivery delivery in the state would be greatly improved and the multiplier benefits of having an efficient, available and affordable health care delivery services in the state.
Governor Sani Bello told the Korean envoy that Niger state has great potentials in hydro power generation, sun solar energy and other sources of generating power which the state can collaborate with the Koreans to provide electricity for the people of the state and to neighbouring states.
He noted that the state would want to develop a local power supply source to meet the power needs of her people through the small town independent power  plants (IPP) of between 10 to 50 megawatts to meet the power needs of her citizens across each of the 25 local government areas of the state.
The governor invited Korean investors to cash on the viability of constructing small town IPP projects in parts of the state even as he promised them mouth watering incentives as waivers to enable them do business in the state with huge returns for their investments.
The North Korean ambassador, Mr. Yong Chol assured the governor and the people of the state of the readiness of his country to partner with the Niger state government in the critical sector areas.
The envoy said he was in Minna to explore the possibility of partnering and collaborating with Niger state, especially in the area of health care delivery, infrastructural and power development.
He revealed that his country has a lot to offer Niger state. “We are looking forward for joint ventures with the state in the areas of health care delivery, infrastructure and power development,” which could be of great benefit to humanity according to the Korean Envoy.


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