NGSG Bereft Of Ideas, Maginalising Christians – Senator Umoru


By; Bala B. Bitrus, Minna.

Senator David Umaru from Niger State Thursday evening stirred up the honet’s nest as he fired salvos at Governor Abubakar Sani Bello at the first NigerSstate Christmas carols festival saying the administration in Niger state is bereft of ideas and was still marginalising Christians and Christianity.
Speaking at first ever Christmas carols to be organized by the state government since it’s creation in 1976, Senator Umaru accused the government of insensitivity and disrespects to the rights of Christians in the state.
Though both the Governor and the Senator belong to the same All Progressives Congress, APC, there is no love lost relationship between the two.
While listing the many sins of the Governor Bello led administration, the Senator accused the administration of not supporting the teaching of Christian Religious Knowledge, (CRK) discipline in public primary and secondary schools just as he lampooned the government for refusing to employ teachers for the teaching of the subject as the government’s deliberate ploy to marginalize Christians in the state.
Senator Umaru who copiously quoted Chapter 40 sub section 4 of the Nigerian constitution to buttress his points, argued that the provisions of the section which prays for fair distribution of opportunities and representation of the various groups and sections in a state in government, said the administration in the state has defaulted and negated the all important constitutional provision.
“Section 40 sub section 4 of the Nigerian constitution clearly stipulates that the composition of every government, state, local and the federal government should reflect the diversity of the populace so that people will have confidence in the government… “
Though Governor Bello was conspicuously absent at the occasion, Senator Umaru specifically requested the Governor’s emissaries at the occasion, the Commissioners for Information, Culture and Tourism, Mr. Jonathan Tsado Vatsa and his colleague from the Justice Ministry, Hon. Nasara Dan Mallam to convey his message to the Governor.
At the Christmas Carol, many Christian groups, churches and choirs rendered special ethnic songs and carols. Former Secretary to the State Government, (SSG) Mr. Daniel Clifford Shashere took one of the nine Bible readings at the occasion.
The Christmas Carol and songs festival with the theme “the dynamics of praise and worship” was put together by the state Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism.
The leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN in the state was led by its Chairman, Rev. Mathias Echioda and he was supported by other clergies to the occasion.


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