Nationwide League: Clubs should hands-off paying referees – Gaiya By; JACOB ONJEWU DICKSON, Kaduna.


Nationwide League: Clubs should hands-off paying referees – Gaiya
For the efficient and transparent officiating by referees of the
Nationwide Division 1 League, clubs must hands off payment of indemnities to referees and match officials.
Immediate past chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Sports and Chairman JZ United, Honourable Godfrey Gaiya made the suggestion in an interview with New Nigerian Sports.
Responding to a question on ways to improve the league, he explained that leaving the payment of indemnities in the hands of clubs would not ensure fair officiating. “What the Nationwide League needs is good sponsors so that the league can pay the match officials from its purse, making the referees neutral while officiating as this would keep them from being in favour of the teams paying them,” he said.
Gaiya who is gunning for the Nationwide League 1 chairmanship position was optimistic that with the right people at the helm of affairs, the league would ease the burden of teams who may at the same time find it
difficult to take care of officials’ indemnities.
“It is unfortunate that very good teams relegated because they could not honour away matches. If elected, we would take away the burden by attracting good sponsors,” he reaffirmed.


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