Mystery; Abuja Based Banker Disappears At Gurrara Waterfalls

By; BALA B. BITRUS, Minna.
An Abuja based banker has disappeared while picnicking at the famous Gurara Waterfalls in Gurara Local Government area of Niger State.
The incident has sent shivers down the spines of even the natives adjoining the neighborhood of the eye catching Waterfalls and more so the Police as well who are still dumbfounded on what could have taken the banker away as no trace of his remains are seen as at the time of sending this report three days after the incident.
Though the Police in Niger state said it is investigating the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the 27 year old banker, it has no clue as to what took him away or if he was drowned.
But information available to our correspondent showed that the victim, Olaniyi Gabriel Adedokun had joined his friends at the Waterfalls to be part of a birthday train who were unwinding at a birthday picknic organized by his friends. 
Sources informed our correspondent that Niyi as he was doubly referred to by friends and colleagues, was earlier that day with his younger brother shopping in a market in Abuja when he received a call from one of his friends to join them at the Gurara Waterfalls in Niger state, about one hundred and fifty kilometres from where he was.
After several persistent calls, Niyi heeded to the call and detailed his younger brother to return home with the items they had bought earlier as he headed to the motor park to board a vehicle to Gurara to meet with his friends.
At the motor park, Niyi got into the next available vehicle going to Minna. His destination was Gurara Waterfalls junction on the highway. On getting there, he disembarked and in few minutes, he was at the foot of the Waterfalls and in company of his friends.
After few minutes of exchange of pleasantries, play and dance, Niyi and friends plunge into the edge of the water and played.
Minutes later he was out of the water and joined few others who were on the shore. The celebration continued. Without any inkling, Niyi and friends continued to play until his phone rang several times from where he had kept his clothes.
He got to the phone and picked it up to answered his caller. While speaking on the phone, he moved away from the crowd and the sound beats from the music box to speak with his caller away from the distraction of the crowd and the blaring sound from the music player.
As he talked, he moved further towards isolated slopes and undulating valleys towards the Waterfall and that was the last time he was seen by some of  his friends who were watching him.
While the gyrations continued, Niyi remained conspicuously out of the number. The few who noticed his absence from the lot became curious. They asked after him from one another. None had a clue of his whereabouts.
Soon they moved down the steeps, the bushes around and valleys and to the fringes of the water areas shouting and calling his name but there were no response.
They first thought it was a prank. But it soon dawn on them. Something unpleasant must have happened. Their countenances soon change to moody mien. Fear gripped all of them as they searched hopelessly.
Niyi’s sudden disappearance had brought the celebrations to a fearful abrupt end. But they searched for him the more even as night fall threatened with it’s appearance in the horizon.
Niyi’s mobile phone, his shirt and his shoes laid where he had kept them before he disappeared into nowhere. The search party looked everywhere for his steps but there was none.
They signalled for help from the natives around and staffs of the state Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism who first combed through the bushes to no avail.
Local divers were mobilised to add to the manhunt. This group plunged into the water, deep down to it’s bed. Not a thing about Niyi was discovered after hours of search.
Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Niger state Command, ASP Bala Elkannah confirmed the tragedy. He said however that the Police was investigating the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the 27 year old Banker.
“From the information we gathered so far, the man came from Abuja with his friends for the birthday of one of their friends at Gurrara Waterfall.
He was alone when he went missing. He is believed to have stepped on a slippery stone and then it slipped off, the PPRO conjured.


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