My Wife Is Pregnant For Another Man, Husband Tells Court



A public servant, Dajin Maurice, on Monday, told a Mararaba Upper Area Court in Nasarawa State, that his wife’s three months’ pregnancy belongs to another man as she disappeared from his house for two years.
Maurice who filed a divorce suit before the court said that he had been married to the respondent, Janet, since May 20, 2005, and that their union was blessed with three children prior to the wife’s disappearance two years ago.
“My wife packed out of my house without my knowledge on May 6, 2015, to an unknown destination.
“I reported the matter to her father, who was disappointed in her and both of us tried all we could to bring her back to my house, but to no avail.
“After many months, I started hearing rumours and even her father confirmed to me that my wife was flirting around.
“At this point, there was nothing I could do but to carry on with my life and job,” he stated.
The petitioner added that it was until his arrival from Borno State where he was posted for special duties, that he started getting calls from the respondent, begging to return to him.
“After numerous pleading from her and due to the love I still had for her, I decided to give her a second chance by asking her to come back which she did on Feb. 3.
“As soon as she returned, I took her for different tests, where she was confirmed to be three months pregnant, even when I did not sleep with her since she returned,” Maurice said.
He said that he cannot accept or harbour another man’s child, while she was still married to him and living with him.
Maurice said that he has lost interest in the marriage and begged the court to dissolve the marriage.
The petitioner agreed that the custody of the two last children be given to the respondent, while the first would remain with him, but promised to pick their bills.
However, the respondent who neither denied the allegations nor defended herself only told the court to grant the petitioner’s request.
“Even if l say anything or try to defend myself, the petitioner has already made up his mind and l cannot force him to still love me”, she said.
The judge, Mr Ibrahim Shekarau, who dissolved the marriage, ordered that they should collect their divorce certificate from the registrar’s office.
He also advised the parties to look beyond their differences and ensure that the welfare of the children was well taken care of as agreed by the parties.



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