Medical Expert Challenges Journalist on Professional Ethics


By; SANI  ALIYU, Zaria.

A Medical  Practitioner in Zaria, Professor  V.O. Kolawole has challenged journalist to be professional and adhere to ethics of the profession for a proper check on activities of some people on the social  media whom are in the habit of  abusing the  journalism  profession .

He  made  the  call  while  reacting  to  some   negative  and  unbalance  news  made  in order  to  destroy  someone  for  cheap  publicity.

Professor Kalawole who  is the  Chief  Medical  Director of Salama  Infirmary  Hospital  and Maternity  Zaria,  said the   call was necessary  considering a  report  circulated  against  his  hospital  by an (NGO)  Global  Initiative  for  Women  and Children ( GIWAC ) on the  case  of   one  Rukkaya  Ya’u  Adamu whose leg  was  not  amputated  by  salama Hospital  as  claimed by the  NGO .

He  said the NGO has  not  visited  nor  contacted  the Hospital  Management  before   they  went to the media  to  attack their reputation for over  two  decades  in  Zaria  as  a  service provider  to the   Communities.

According to  him, the  medical   report  from  ABUTH  Shika showed  that  Rukayya’s  genotype is  AS,  but  a  Medical    fact that a Sickler  transfused  with  normal  red  cells can  show  a false normal result with “The  circulation  of the gory photographs of the  amputated  leg  specimen  without  minding  the  rules  and  ethics  guiding  the  publication   and  circulation of  medical  specimen .”

Professor  Kolawale  said  the  action  of the  these agents of  destruction  is based  on  an  unsubstantiated, un-researched and  careless utterances of a so called senior  medical  Consultant or  professor who claimed blood  was  transfused in the  artery  of the   patient  ( Rukayya ) before  asking  any  questions  or  conducting  any  investigation.

“Rukkayaya was  transfused  with  blood  in  Salama  Hospital  because  she  was  anaemic ( Law  blood  level ) and  not  because  she  has  sickle  cell  disease as being erroneously  circulated  to the  public” he said.
“However,  Rukayya was  brought  back  into  Salama  Health  facility on the  12th  October , 2016  with  complaints  of  fever  and  severe  abdominal  pains  and  with  findings of  hepatosplenomegaly, a  diagnosis  of possible  sequestration  crisis  was made  for  which  she  was  reffered  to  ABUTH  for  specialist  care   there was no  argument  or  disagreement  between  the  parents  and   any  staff  of Salama  Hospital” he claimed .


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