Media critical partner in containing emergencies – UNICEF By; Alex Uangbaoje, Kaduna


Media critical partner in containing emergencies – UNICEF
By; Alex Uangbaoje, Kaduna
T United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has identified the role of the media as critical and purposeful partner in effective containing of emergencies in Nigeria that respect.
‎Delivering a paper title “Media and Emergency” Rabiu Musa, Media and External Relations‎ Officer, UNICEF Kaduna Field Office, explained that the media should be seen as an integral part of  the entire work in responding to emergencies.
According to him, ‎”It is very important because people need to know what is happening around them, the progress, the updates and how they can respond.‎
“In this context only the media can tell the exact situations as it affect the the people, situations as the people will understand as being in a position to do or not to do depending on the situation that is required of them.
‎”So in addressing emergency issues the technical team must work with the media ‎so that the society from the larger context will understand the situation so that we can take steps and guide ourselves in that respect.
‎”The media team should be seen as an integral part of  the entire work in responding to emergencies, we must intertwined and work together because we need each other.
“The media must not lose sight, but should understand the workings of every agency in charge of managing and responding to emergencies from both local to international bodies. So that at the end of the day everybody is aware of the happenings around him or her and this is what we are saying. ‎
He submitted that what is important is delivering effective services ‎to the people and deliberate effort as emergencies requires collective effort to manage all stakeholders.
He therefore called on emergency response managers to see the media as partners in progress if they want to achieve more purposeful results in creating effective communication with the public.


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