Manager Of Ibom Specialist Hospital Summoned Over Missing Equipment


Cadiocare Medical Services, the erstwhile manager of Ibom Specialist Hospital has been summoned to appear before the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly Committee on Finance and Appropriation over missing equipment.
The Committee Chairman, Usoro Akpanusoh said that the invitation followed allegations that some of the equipment in the hospital built to boost medical tourism has been vandalized, and carted away soon after the former manager vacated the facility.
Speaking with newsmen in Uyo, Akpanusoh said Cadiocare management is demanded to appear with a list of items it inherited on resumption to ascertain the extent of the missing items with a view to recovering such items.
He assured that the Committee would adopt every step necessary to secure the cooperation of the former managers to ensure that the Specialist Hospital is reopened for services.
Akpanusoh also stated that the Committee has possessed a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the State Government and Cadiocare including the list of items the team took over from the state.
“My committee wrote to the commissioner for health, to send to us the memoranda that was entered with Cadiocare management team, and the list of items that were handed over to the team. It might not be under my committee; I am going to make a report, send it to the appropriate committee of the house which is committee for health”.
“The document has just been sent to me. I have also written to Cadiocare management to come to this office with the list of those items they took over from the state government and the list of the ones they handed over to the state government when their business could not continue’.
“They should also give us their oral statement of the matter, and they replied to me that they are willing to come, and that they will send those lists to us as soon as possible. We have our procedures, we are not going to use any stick to beat anyone to bring us documents; by the time we write our second letter we will find out any reasons why they are delaying and if they refuse to come, then we will take it to the floor of the house of assembly for the house to issue a subpoena”.
“And the house of assembly can issue a subpoena for arrest of anybody, even if you are abroad, we can send an Interpol for your arrest and send to Akwa Ibom to answer for your errors. I may not be able to conclude specifically the worth of the items carted away by Cadiocare until when we hear from both sides, then, we will be able to say this is our position. So we will carry out our investigation and will come out with recommendations,’’ he said.
He assured that If some items were removed, the committee would ensure the recovery of such items or the payment of the corresponding amount of money to redeem the items and put the hospital back to use.
It would be recalled that the state government terminated the contract for the running of the hospital after it realised that the terms of the management agreement were not feasible.
While the hospital was shut down, there were allegations that some equipment had been carted away.
Located in Uyo metropolis,Ibom Specialist Hospital was built and equipped with standard facilities by former Governor Godswill Akpabio to serve as a referral hospital with buck of medical personnel being foreigners only for it to become a ghost of itself barely two years of operations.


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