Make Yourselves Relevant In Nigeria Politics, Sen Balogun Urges Youth


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

The Senator representing Oyo South Senatorial District, Senator Kola Balogun on Saturday, urged Nigerian youth to make themselves relevant in Nigeria’s politics.
Senator Balogun stated this while speaking at the 3rd Akeem Kareem Foundation Lecture Series and Maiden Award of Excellence, held in Ibadan with the theme, “Engineering Change Through The Sorosoke Generation: 2023 And The Path To Follow”, is germane to the 2023 elections.
The Senator representing Oyo South Senatorial District emphasized that there is the need for Nigerian youths to be ready to make sacrifice in their quest to make a change and become relevant in the polity.
 “It is not just about Sorosoke. It is beyond EndSARS. How many of you have your Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs)? The youths should get their PVCs. Go and get registered and make your voice known. It is good to sorosoke but you need to make it more concrete. Jumpstart the process and create awareness. Sorosoke, but jerk it up with critical awareness”, he said.
Senator Balogun added, ” Youths of today should take the bull by the horn. You should take control and make positive impacts. The political kitchen will be very hot and those who cannot stand it will find their ways out”.
“2023 is around the corner. Don’t sit on the fence. Get your PVC; get your relatives and friends to register to vote. Educate them and exercise your power.Politicians will come to you with money. Given the fact that poverty is a reality in the land, collect their money but don’t vote for them. That will go a long a way to teach them some good lessons”.


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