Mahin Kingdom decries 7 years of darkness


The people of Ilaje local government of Ondo State had sent a Save Our Souls (SOS) call to the Governorship candidate of Social Democratic Party (SDP) Dr. Olu Agunloye over seven years of perpetual darkness.
The Amapetu of Mahin Kingdom, Oba Dr. Lawrence Adetemi Ayenimowa, the Omowole 111 made the appeal when the campaign train of SDP led by Dr. Agunloye and his Deputy, Erelu Modupeola Akindele-Martins paid him a courtesy call in his palace.
Speaking with deep sense of emotion, Oba Omowole said, electricity bulbs had never blinked in the area since the former Governor, Dr. Olusegun Agagu left office eight years a go.
According to him, it was Dr. Agagu who connected the Mahin Kingdom and other major cities in Ilaje to National grid, only to be disconnected by ”power that be” when he left office.
He therefore appealed to Dr. Agunloye, whom he said the people of Ilaje local government are focusing as the Messiah that will continue the good job embarked upon for the people of the Council area by Dr. Agagu by re connecting them to National grid when he gets to office as the Governor of Ondo state.
The emergence of Dr. Agunloye as the SDP candidate for the coming election, the Kabiyesi said, is a surprise to many and a welcomed development to good things to happen in Ondo state as from February 34, 2017.
His words, ” I have made proclamation to the people of Mahin kingdom as to where their votes should go, SDP is our choice since it is the party that has only one candidate and no crisis’.
Also, if the likes of Agunloye, a man of integrity does not emerge as Governor, he disclosed that traditional Rulers in the area had concluded plans to carry placards to protest poor salary and other remunerations and the need to pay over seven months of salary areas.
Wile responding, Dr. Agunloye expressed concern that traditional Rulers in Ondo state could be poorly paid when their counterparts in the neighbouring Ekiti state that has no oil are enjoying fat salaries.
He however noted that Government in Ondo State are paying Obas poor salaries “so that they could be subaltern to government”, a situation which he said his administration will redress as soon as he gets to power.


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