Love’s Hope’ Novel Will Transform Society – Reviewer


*it will help young people make right choices – Author 


Friends and Well-wishers of Talatu Philomena Zamani, Founder and Executive Director of Zamani Foundation at the weekend, gathered to celebrate her as she launched her new book, ‘Love’s Hope’.

The book according to the author, was borne out of her passion for fight against Gender Based Violence (GBV), which has become a daily occurrence in the society.

Presenting the book officially to the public, the  reviewer, Mr. Kura Markus, described the novel as a solution to the society on issues of relationship especially among young people.

According to him, “the book is about events that happen in the homes and the society. Basically, it’s about love which would do well with the young people because that’s the topic that flows with them.

“However, it gives a message that they have to be careful because it’s not everybody that you fall in love with. We have a situation in the novel where one of the characters is actually a selfish individual who goes about victimizing Women and cheating them.

“Unfortunately, the young heroine of the novel fell into his trap. But luckily in the end she managed to recover herself. So it’s a big message to upcoming lovers to be very careful and to listen to their parents’s advise. There’s an issue of violence or battering. A situation where a man or a woman takes advantage and be beating his wife anyhow, but in this instance it’s a man. 

“There’s issue of cheating. He uses her money and resources to take care of himself while moving out and taking care of other women. There’s also wickedness because he deliberately infected her with HIV in the text. Then, there’s also this caution that the youth and the children should learn to listen to their parents because they have better experiences than them. In that way they will grow better.”

The author in her submission said the book was born out of her passion for women who have been battered and shattered and that she realized the only way out of this emotional torture is for people to make the right decision.

“Many of us have made wrong decisions in life, but it is not too late to come back and be on the right track, this book is a most read for everybody, especially for the younger ones so that when they grow up they will not make the mistakes so many people have made.” Talatu added.

The major character in the story according to her, is a young girl who like so many others  had dreams to be something in life and a very prominent person in future, unfortunately because of wrong decisions she made, she got married to the wrong man who battered and shattered her life. 

“He didn’t only battered her, he also bankrupted and infected her with a disease. 

“What inspired me for this work was; working with Zamani Foundation, i have had year of engagements with women who have had emotional and domestic violence. The number of women who have come to complain about many things; about their in-laws, spousal abuse, economic, financial and emotional abuse.

“Even some men too have come to complain about their wives. So, this prompted me, in spite of our sensitisation, awareness creation, workshops, we still have these things in increasing rate.

“How can we also pass this message to people especially young ones to begin to think about how to channel and path their life in a way where they could make right decisions in life and this was what inspired this book; Love’s hope. It’s for every young man and woman.”

“It’s for everybody to read and even if you’ve made a wrong decisions before, you should know that there’s always another chance in life. Both in choice of job and decision about life partner, concerning any path you have made for yourself, once you have made the wrong choice is difficult to go back unless you retract your steps. She said.

On her part, Professor Hawau’u Yusuf of Kaduna State University, noted that the book is all about Gender Based Violence, which is recommended for everyone to read.

She commended the author for putting the book together despite all her busy schedules and as a married woman, adding “the work you are doing, only will reward you. The work you do has a lot of challenges and for the fact that you are married makes it more difficult, why, because you will have to be able to balance what you do and what you do within your home”.


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