Look inward to salvage Nigeria, group tells President Buhari


By; Amos Tauna, Kaduna.
A religious group known as Brotherhood of the Cross and Star has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure he looks inward towards salvaging the problems of the Nigeria as against looking outwards through regular trips to foreign countries.
The International President of the group, Bishop Professor David Irefin while briefing newsmen in Kaduna, identified the need for President Buhari-led government to embrace peace and love in an effort to bring all Nigerians together for a better understanding of one another for the overall development and peaceful coexistence of the country.
He noted that the world does not know peace because of the failure to embrace love among the diverse ethnic groups, countries, institutions and communities, but rather has allowed confusion to take over the whole place leading to destruction of lives and property.
The group under the aegis of Association of Brotherhood Academic Scholars, observed that the greatest challenges facing the country was that Nigerians are engrossed in the doctrines of fables and falsehood thereby allowing the country to witness the greatest challenges ever to peace and security.
The International President explained that Nigerians were engulfed completely in the worship of strange gods and doctrines resulting to death, wars, suffering, hunger, immorality in the highest order in the country.
The love for materialism, greed and other abominable things, the group emphasized, have attracted damnation and destruction in the land, noting that the only remedy was for Nigerians to embrace love, peace and peaceful coexistence for a total turn around of the country.
He said the association was undergoing a week programme meant to spread the message of love and peace to all Nigerians with the ultimate aim of ensuring peace, love and unity in the country.


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