lokoja trasnsiting to modern capital


With the departure of colonial officials from Nigeria and Lokoja where the ancient town once served as the capital of the country, not much appreciable progress has continued to be recorded in the town. The story appears to have taken a new dimension for now with the present transformation of the present administration.
Lokoja as the state capital now provides conducive atmosphere for co-habitations among various Nigerians who find themselves in the city. With the new look of Lokoja, it equally pride itself for providing good road network, supply of drinkable water, housing estates, health facilities, and provision of education at various levels.
The Executive Sectary of Lokoja Local Government Alhaji Abubakar Ibn Ahmed provides more information on this when he specifically appealed to Governor Idris Wada to continue to assist education sector because it is the bedrock of any society under which development can emerge.
For the Executive Secretary, who also serves as the chairman Kogi State forum of education secretaries previous administrations in the state have left a foot mark and would want the present government to increase the pace of developing the sector for the generation yet unborn. .
Alhaji Ahmed further contended that education is essential for national development and therefore it has to be harnessed and enhanced by the government for rapid transformation and the building of human capacity.
He agreed with scholars that development could hardly come through if education is not properly harnessed saying that without Education no meaningful development will be achieved in Nigeria.
Tracing the history of education in Lokoja local government in recent time, he stated that many Lokaja Local Government Chairmen have come and gone but , the administration of Honourable Yabagi Bologi who was the last chairman of the council, rang a bell for his achievement to the education sector in Lokoja Local Government Education Authority. He explained that his efforts cannot be under rated.
Honourable Yabagi Bologi who came on board as the council education secretary took education as a priority. “he did every thing human possible to assist the education sector and employed teachers.’I can remember that there was a day” “I approached him and I said chairman, “our teachers under the Universal Basic Education that in the Federal Government programs have been sack and I want you to re-employed them into the Lokoja Local Government Education Authority to increase the quality of the education at the local government and he did.’.
He latter re-employed them into the Lokaja Local Government Education Authority and redeployed them to their various area of assignment and even multiply the number by two..
For the Executive Secretary, it was a commendation galore to the Honourable Yabagi Bologi appointment as the present Kogi State Commissioner for information and strategy saying it was indeed welcome and a round peg in a round hole.
The value of education can’t be over emphasize because Honourable Yabagi value educational system in a way that he was able to build the local government a befitting structure for the education authority in which out of the 21 Local Government Education Authority in Kogi State “we are the best in the area of structure.’
Ahmed therefore commended the former governor of Kogi State Alhaji Ibrahim Idris who also took education in Kogi State to where the present governor Captain Idris Wada commenced thanking the out-gone governor for his monumental development towards the education sector in Kogi State.
The Executive Secretary also poured encomiums to the incumbent executive governor of Kogi State Captain Idris Wada for his developmental strides in the education sector of Kogi State contending that Wada came in with three point agenda in which all the three agenda is education.
“when he came in as the governor of Kogi State and stated that he has come in with three cardinal agenda and all these agenda is education we thought it was a political language or drama but, today everybody can see that governor Wada has performed well less than a year that he climbed the mantle of leadership in Kogi State as number one citizen by making education to be free he has achieved socio-educational and infrastructural development and this has shown that, governor Idris
Wada is a man of achievement and he is practical on education sector is a reality.
He also said that, the real challenging rocking the education sector in Lokoja Local Government education authority and also the entire LEA in Kogi State is the area of mobility because “in the course of our going round for monitoring and evaluation of the schools, like in my place here we don’t have enough motorcycles but the government has assured us that it shall come to our assistance in that aspect.”
The Executive Secretary also commended the president of national education secretaries forum Dr. Hassan Sule Talba Abaji for his effort toward the forum and his developmental process of the education authorities in Nigeria describing Dr. Hassan Sule as a workaholic, accountability and humanitarian.
He promised that, as the chairman of the Kogi state education secretaries forum “I shall work assiduously toward the education development in Kogi state and in Lokoja Local Government education authority.
Speaking also was Mall. A.A Sani the education Secretary Kogi Local government Education Authority Koton Karfe (LGEA) said that, the real problem confronting us here is the office accommodation and mobility appealing to the state government and Koton karfe government for assistance.
For Koton Karfe Executive Secretary, Kogi Local Government LGEA is a serious LG with serious staffers who are ready to work assiduously and have being working tirelessly. “we want to be the best in terms of academics in our primary schools before the tenure elapsed.


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