Leverage on culture to curb indiscipline, corruption SGF to Traditional Rulers


Leverage on culture to curb indiscipline, corruption SGF to Traditional Rulers
By; Alex Uangbaoje.
The Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Engr. Babachir David Lawal  ‎has called on government, traditional rulers at all levels to leverage on the Nigerian culture in order to curb indiscipline and corruption among the youths.
He made the call at Manchok, Zangon Kataf local Government Area of Kaduna State as the Chairman of occasion during the 2016 Moro’a Annual Cultural Day Celebration at the weekend.
‎”As we all know, national identity is what distinguishes a nation from the others, likewise the culture of every nation defines its identity. However, it is sad to say that indiscipline, corruption and juvenile delinquency are fast eroding our national identity through abuse and negligence of traditional values and institutions.
“The revered position of District Heads, Ward Heads, Chiefs, religious leaders and elders are gradually being ridiculed and disregarded by our youths. The worst effect of this sad development is the drastic decline in the moral attitude of our youths.
“This calls for serious effort by government, traditional rulers and elders ‎alike to leverage on our cultural value and traditions in order to curb indiscipline and corruption right from the grassroot” the SGF said.
Babachir noted that some vital features that are common to all society in Nigeria has been destroyed by the infusion of western culture through colonisation.
“This erosion of traditional values is largely responsible for the decline in discipline and increase in defiant behaviour by our youths today. Any tribe that strives to protect its culture from total disintegration is therefore doing a lots of good to the nation at large.
“Preservation of our culture also improves the tourism potentials of the nation which can thus increase our per capital income. So with the celebration of this kind of festivals every year, there is a tendency to nurture and preserve cultural values for generations yet unborn to cherish and hold” he stressed.
‎He therefore, urged the government to inculcate cultural values in the school curriculum in order to preserve them, saying “cultural values can also be preserved in encouraging local craft, textiles and music in institutionalising such festivals to encourage our youths to respect and uphold traditional values.”
‎In his address, Kaduna State governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai commended the custodian of the Moro’a tribes, His Highness, Dr. Tagwai Sambo, for maintaining the culture and traditions of his people after fifty years on throne.
He pleaded with the royal father to always play his fatherly role in the state by calling him to order whenever he feels the government is not doing the right thing, adding that “you are father and we will continue to respect you.”
Earlier in his welcome address, Mr. Daniel Gaggah‎, National President, Moro’a Development Association (MDA) said Moro’a people are friendly, hospitable ‎and accommodating.
‎He urged the government to always give listening ears to the people and also involve them in their programmes and policies since the purpose of governance is to better the lives of its citizens.


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