Lasun to Nigerians; develop self, eschew politics


Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon Sulaimon Lasun Yussuff has urged Nigerians to develop themselves in their areas of specialization rather than delving into politics.
According to the Deputy Speaker, self development was more important to Nigeria’s growth, rather than involving in politics with the sole aim of stealing government funds, which could be taken way at any time when it is discovered to be ill-gotten.
Eulogizing Ahmed Bola Tinubu as one Nogerian who made his money before venturing into politics, Lasun said “that  is why it would be difficult for him to go down any time he quits politics. He has stable source of income, he never depend on politics for survival unlike some politicians that goes down immediately they are no longer in politics or power”.
A statement by Chief Press Secretary to the Deputy Speaker, Mr Wole Oladimeji said he was speaking at the Ileya fiesta, organised by Allahu Afeez Muslim Organisation‎ in Osogbo, Osun State where Sheik ‎Buhari Omo Musa gave sermon on self righteousness.
“It is true that some leaders are bad but the major problem confronting the nation is the way people perceive governance, they think that government should do everything for them, whereas, in the real sense of it, people are suppose to be driving the economy of the country.
“Over-dependence of the people on the government is what is affecting our economy, until people wake up from their slumber and realise that it is not business as usual, the situation will remain and this will not augur good for everybody.
“People run after politicians for the immediate gains even when they organised skill acquisition programme and try to empower them, they prefer to sell off the equipment given to them for a token”, he noted.
Earlier in his sermon, Sheik Buhari Omo‎ called on the government to consider peoples’ situation by ensuring that their conditions are improved.


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