Lassa fever is preventable in Nigeria – ARD President


Lassa fever is preventable in Nigeria – ARD President
By; Bayo Akamo, Ibadan.
National President of Association of Resident Doctor (ARD), Dr Mohammad Adamu Askira has said the deadly lassa fever is preventable contrary to the views of some Nigerians on the disease.
Dr Mohammad dropped this hint in Ibadan while speaking at a sensitization rallies held at Bodija market and Sabo areas of the city.
According to the ARD President, despite the fears by Nigerians about the deadly lassa fever disease, the only way to prevent the fever, is to maintain high standard of environmental hygiene, environmental cleanliness and personal hygiene,
Speaking at Bodija market on the prevention of lassa fever, Dr  Askira pointed out that if Nigerians can observe this, then there will be nothing called lassa fever in our mist again.
He stressed that there is the urgent need to enlighten the  people especially on the outbreak and epidemic of Lassa fever, saying, as medical doctors and leaders in health sector, they owed it as a duty to enlighten the populace on the diseases.
Speaking further, the ARD President who cautioned those fond of eating Suya meat and Kulikuli, advised people selling the two commodities, to maintain  high standard of cleanliness, saying they must not use just any paper to sell the Suya or Kulikuli because most of the peppers may have been infected with the urine and fesses of rats which is the main cause of the disease.
ARD President at the University Teaching Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, Dr Luquman Ogunjimi declared that the only way out of the dreaded disease “is personal hygiene and also prevention”, saying, “prevention is better, cheaper and safer than cure and that is why the Residents Doctors have come to Oyo State to speak with people in the market, so that we can give information on how they can prevent the disease and that, when they have symptoms of the disease they should go to the hospital to report same”.


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